Gladys Berejiklian’s drug amnesty bins will make their debut next week

Next week, at Sydney’s NYE In The Park Festival, Gladys Berejiklian’s promised drug amnesty bins will make their first appearance.

Instead of just introducing pill testing like everyone has been calling on her to do, she has instead introduced this nifty new idea: let people dump their drugs in a bin before entering the festival… ya know, just in case the kids have a sudden vision from God and re-direct their misguided ways.

No, we still don’t have pill testing. Instead, we’ve got amnesty bins: a clever new initiative from Gladys Berejiklian that allows people to dispose of drugs instead of doing them. So simple!

“Amnesty bins provide a quick and easy way for music festival-goers to discard their drugs — no questions asked,” Gladys says.

In a statement, the NSW police force said: “The NSW Police Force supports the NSW Health-led 12-month trial of drug disposal bins. While the exact bin placement will depend on the venue and crowd ingress, they will be placed outside the area of the police operation and officers will be directed not to patrol or interact with the bins.”

Amnesty bins will be given a 12-month trial at festivals, with two well-signed bins being placed at all “high-risk” music festivals.

So, going forward, can anyone who gets caught with drugs say they were on their way to the amnesty bins? Do these provide us all with an immunity?