Glass Skies’ Light Rays may just be the salvation of fuzzed out rock music

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In a dystopian future, artificial intelligence has progressed to a point where neural networks similar to Google’s deep dream are able to create music far beyond what humans could ever have imagined to create. This ability to create compositions and sounds that are the pinnacle of emotional, technical and imaginative limits has rendered the human pursuit of music obsolete. Bands such as Led Zeppelin have not only been surpassed, but completely forgotten. The frequencies in this music created by artificial intelligence can offer the widest array of sensual enjoyment, and make even the most lurid and wretched of people dance with abandonment.

Glass Skies Light Rays

In a not too distant future, Adelaide psych outfit Glass Skies may just be mankind’s last hope against Y2K’s second coming with Light Rays.

For much time humans completely abandoned the pursuit of music. But! One band rose up to challenge the unduly imposed regime of artificial intelligence. The sentient force, the inner nature of which is still unknown to humans, utilises all forms of technological infrastructure and surveillance technology to thwart the efforts of the one band that still exists in this terrible distant future. That band is known as…Glass Skies.

Between playing guerrilla shows where the band must employ the use of tactics such as covering themselves with mud to avoid thermal imaging sensors the survivors have designed solar powered amplifiers that mimic the electrical patterns of plants photosynthesising in the forests that they live in. The men who make up Glass Skies; John Russo (drums) Josh Van Looey (lead guitar, vocals) Azz Shaw (bass, miscellaneous equipment) and Dan V (rhythm guitar) are the only known people alive with the knowledge and ability to play their instruments. They pass on their wisdom in secrecy, in the hopes of keeping biologically composed music alive.

Outside the forested fringes where the sonic outlaws live in secrecy is a central society at the complete whim of music created by AI. It is believed that the onset of this sonic takedown was set off by the invention of what was once known as ‘electronic music.’ With the advent of artificial intelligence the human element was eventually completely erased.

Glass Skies and members of their resistance cannot step foot inside the central community without the protection of highly advanced facial recognition scanners. Missions are orchestrated to rescue people from this artificial prison, but the process is not easy, and many of those reinstated into a natural sonic landscape lose their minds to the sheer natural awesomeness of real music, composed by humans.

Through the treachery and constant danger Glass Skies have been working on new music, as well as new ways for them to combat what was the end of creativity for all mankind. A method of time travel has been developed, but the energy required to transmit between dimensions means that the band are not able to travel themselves the millennia back in time required to thwart the uprising of sonic AI. Instead they have utilised all in their power to send three minutes and forty six second of audio to the year 2015. It is expected that this act will have a ripple effect on how our present meets the distant future. You are the beginning of the revolution.

Glass Skies will be releasing their sophomore EP Fly On, Children in the next few weeks.

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