Great grunge isn’t just riding the nostalgia train, it’s charging full steam ahead with Outta Words from Pat Chow

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With new tracks from legends The Love Junkies and the debut LP from new kids on the block Pat Chow released last year it’s pretty safe to say Perth’s grunge scene is absolutely off its chops at the moment. Now the boys from Pat Chow are at it again, smashing a short Aussie tour off the back of single Outta Words.

Pat Chow tour

If you’re going to nude slime wrestle at a gig, it may as well be when Pat Chow are banging out their new single Outta Words.

As the second single released off their album Are You Ok? Goldy of the band explained that they have had a bit of time since it’s release in October to get a feel for the new tracks on stage. “Feedback has been pretty positive all round and it’s good to play those songs to people who have listened to them and know them well”. “We haven’t had anyone come up and tell me “hey your album is really shit” or anything” added Ben Protasiewicz.

Happy to have the album released after recording it more than a year ago, the band has been stoked on the response from crowds, even triple J had nice things to say! “We got a three and a half star review for outta words on Unearthed saying they like to have a sad maz to it” said Protasiewicz “I think that’s great”. The band funded the initial run of their recent album off the back of a Pozible campaign. Protasiewicz was over the moon to discover that they had raised enough money. “It was a humbling experience. I wrote over 60 love letters in a night to say thank you”.

Now off the back of those successes this trio of grunge rockers has dropped the single Outta Words. Coming from sombre beginnings, a clean guitar jangles behind melancholic musings. The despondent wave breaks into the chorus with fuzzy fury, the track’s emotional payoff crashing around the listener.

A mammoth beast in true grunge style, Outta Words was for the band the obvious choice for a touring single. “I [Goldy] was keen on this for a single for quite a while. I reckon it’s got some of the best melodies on the album and a strong chorus which is what you look for in a single right?” The three boys from Perth can’t wait to get back on the road with the new single, hooking up with old mates, burning down the stage at a few of their favourite venues and a little weirdness on the side.

This tour we’re hitting up Sydney with our friends Verge Collection. That’s exciting” emoted Protasiewicz. “That’ll be at the Captain Cook Hotel. Last time we played there was with Brain Zaps. They wore some crazy costumes and there was nude slime wrestling going on”.

You can catch the Pat Chow at a grungy pub near you at the beginning of April, but if you can’t get down for the show then don’t stress, Outta Words has it’s very own video clip which dropped last week. “I spent last Tuesday pouring food and paint on Ben for the Outta Word’s film clip, which should be available soon” Goldy jeered. “I can’t wait to see the result… It’s all about the crab!

The tour kicks off April 1st in Perth, snag some Pat Chow one of the venues bellow!

1 April – The Bird, Perth
2 April – Prince of Wales, Bunbury
8 April – Old Bar, Melbourne
9 April – Captain Cook, Sydney