Forget Narnia and Middle Earth kid. The Expanding Flower Planet by Deradoorian is a world you want to get to know

If you know anyone looking for someone who is capable of creating unfaltering folk music, tell them to look no further than Brooklyn based artist Deradoorian. Her debut LP The Expanding Flower Planet was released in August of last year, and houses smooth xylophone melodies, haunting vocals, and an underlying air of witchcraft – or something heavily spiritual at least.


Fresh our of Deloreans? Don’t fret, Deradoorian will take you back to the 60’s on her album The Expanding Flower Planet.

Chances are you’ll recognise Angle Deradoorian as the former bassist, keyboardist and vocalist for Dirty Projectors. Listening to the LP, the word “cosmic” immediately comes to mind. While there are multiple adjectives with which to describe her sound, cosmic is the one that encapsulates it all perfectly. The LP overall has a strong 60’s vibe to it, while also capturing elements of modern pop in terms of tempo and instrumentation.

Deradoorian uses a lot of vocal techniques such as spoken word more so than singing. This is especially apparent in The Eye, where she sets apart the melody of the lyrics and the tempo of the drums. This was a technique used a lot in the 60s to create that authentic psychedelic feel, the sense that more than the music is happening often helped along with more than just music.

Deradoorian gives us easy musical structures to follow and packs a lot into  small space well. Vibrato is used heavily on the guitar throughout A Beautiful Woman to create density in the track without actually overloading the speakers with a lot of instruments. Deradoorian produces the ultimate swaying track with this tune; while the drum tempo is relatively fast, she drawn out vocals and the constant vibrato of the one guitar note counteracts that.

Deradoorian is heading down to Aus soon for her first tour of the land down under, and no doubt with her she will bring the air of another time, but also a strong representation of the one we are in. So forget Narnia and Middle Earth kids because the Expanding Flower Planet by Deradoorian is a world you want to get to know.