Greesy takes us track-by-track through new album ‘Calm Before The Chaos’

From rock melodies to boom bap bangers, Greesy breaks down each track from his latest album Calm Before The Chaos

Last month, we were treated to the braggadocious bars and effortless flows of Greesy’s new album, Calm Before The Chaos.

Across eleven tracks, the Perth rapper flits between old-school hip hop and earwormy hooks, as anchored by the incisiveness of his pen and the sheer power of her personality. 

Greesy 'Calm Before The Chaos'

So insatiable was our reaction to the mixtape that we simply had to catch up with Greesy for a deep dive into the project. Below, the rapper shares a track-by-track guide through each song on his stellar latest effort.

Scroll down for Greesy’s full track breakdown, and listen to Calm Before The Chaos below.  

Born Degenerate (Feat. Cortext)

Introducing the record with an atmospheric song featuring Perth rapper & producer Cortext.

The track title is named after his crew ‘Born Degenerate Posse’, explaining his upbringing, struggles and success which sets the mood for the journey ahead of the mixtape.

Mr. West Aus

This boom bap banger is produced by Cortext, it delves into the gritty bars and punchlines, while showcasing the love I have for my art, city and state that I call home here Perth, Western Australia.

Breaking Down

“Breaking Down’ is an anthem of empowerment & resilience. It came about after being in a really dark place mentally and physically and I wanted to encourage people to overcome obstacles and reach for their dreams no matter how tough things might get.

Greesy’s motivational lyrics are backed by an introspective story that’ll have his fans feeling connected to him on a personal level.

Face Side Down (Feat. 5past)

In this song, I took a moment to reflect on my personal growth and the lessons learned along the way. The lyrics are accompanied by a soulful, rock type melody featuring one of my favourite artists and close friends 5past.

Sleep Off Mistakes (Feat. Cortext)

Sleep Off Mistakes” dives into the chaotic nature of hip hop, and teaming up with Cortext once again, delivering thought-provoking punchlines and a melodic hook for everybody to sing along with.

One Two Three

This track is produced by Perth’s own and TPW member Uncool Sam, with its infectious rock style anthem allowing everybody to catch their breath and just enjoy the vibes

Drake & Josh

Here I showcase my relentless work ethic and determination in this track, with a heavy 64bars and no chorus reminding listeners that this is rap in its finest form.

Don’t Wait For Me (Feat. Purple Jesus)

Exploring the darker side of life, “Don’t Wait For Me” delves into the sacrifices and struggles that I’ve come across in my lifetime already.

Everybody has their own timeline and letting my close friend and family know not to wait for me during the healing process when things get rough. Greesy’s lyrics are accompanied by amazing melodies and chorus by Perth vocalist Purple Jesus.

Been Here Too Long

This empowering anthem focuses on breaking free from social experiments and limitation.

I wrote this song during the peak of our Covid-19 pandemic, with not being able to perform and play shows know one knew when it was going to end and things were heading in a downward spiral for a lot of creatives, which what this track specifically talks about.

Paquiao (Feat. D-Vine)

This track is another one of my braggadocious heavy hitters featuring Perth rapper D-Vine. This one’s incorporated with Bars on bars and a short catchy hook which references the world class boxer ‘Manny Paquiao’.


The mixtape concludes with a bang as Greesy leaves listeners with a final burst of energy, Party vibes and intensity, leaving them hungry for more.

Each track on “Calm Before The Chaos” showcases Greesy’s unique style, lyrical depth, and offering something for everyone with his ability to captivate listeners that are ready to immerse themselves in an unforgettable experience!