PREMIERE: Greesy predicts his future on new album ‘Calm Before The Chaos’

Perth rapper Greesy delivers tongue-in-cheek bars and effortless flows on his expansive new album Calm Before The Chaos

Greesy has unleashed Calm Before The Chaos, a sprawling rap manifesto that marks the Perth artist’s official arrival. Across eleven tracks, Greesy flexes his knack for clever wordplay and braggadocious bars, while paying attention to insatiable hooks. 

The rapper immediately establishes his commanding presence on Born Degenerate, which coasts on whirring synths and newscast samples, and sees Greesy recall how he numbs his pain while rightfully boasting about his own wordsmithing.

Greesy 'Calm Before The Chaos'

“I’ve been doing this for many years, pay some respect,” he sneers after an infectious sung refrain, “sniff another plate a cake then I’m breakin’ your neck.” 

The energy only continues on Mr West Aus, which opens with regal fiddle notes and cymbals before Greesy delivers rapid-fire and razor-sharp cadences.

The instrumental flairs allow Greesy to reach beyond the familiar trappings of hip-hop and establish a voice and sound that feels wholly his own.

Greesy 'Calm Before The Chaos'

Spaghetti western guitar riffs form the basis of the brooding highlight, Face Side Down, while Breaking Down coasts on jazzier tempos and brass flourishes. 

Sleep Off Mistakes finds Greesy at his most bombastic, spitting acrobatically atop old-school trap rhythms, before One Two Three ushers in a groovier rock edge with screechy licks and scratching record effects.

Through it all, Greesy’s ear for catchy melodies and sing-along moments shines through, from the airy vocal harmonies of Don’t Wait For Me — the album’s most sombre entry — to the hook-laden chorus of Been Here Too Long.  

Greesy 'Calm Before The Chaos'

To pair traditional rap stylings with moments of pop splendour is no small feat, but Greesy adds further texture to the album through the sheer force of his personality.

Character and charm evidently flow from his pen at every moment, whether he’s making references to Austin Powers or deeming himself “Australia’s white version of 50 Cent” (as on Drake & Josh). 

While he’s evidently serious about his craft, Greesy never loses sight of the fun, delivering hilarious and tongue-in-cheek lines with finesse. His efforts culminate on Afraid, a free-flowing album closer that sees Greesy “do whatever Satan’s doin’.”

Greesy 'Calm Before The Chaos'

A masterclass in party vibes, witty lyricism and effortless flows, the fittingly-titled Calm Before The Chaos reads almost like a prophecy for Greesy, whose chaotic ascent upon releasing the album is all-but confirmed. 

Listen to Greesy’s new album Calm Before The Chaos below.