Greg Steps releases an acoustic dream with ‘Town Without A Face’

Greg Steps releases a gorgeously warm tune, Town Without A Face, about the love-hate relationship with his Brisbane hometown.

Melbourne folk singer/songwriter, Greg Steps, strikes us with his sun stroke, daydreamy single, Town Without A Face. 

Ahead of his upcoming debut album, Out In The Boonies, Steps tips contemporary music on its head, spilling his smooth-honey vocals on the stories of life in the suburbs.

Greg Steps

Everything about this track is golden. From the acoustic rawness of the summer oozing melody, to the glistening music video of Steps with his partner and one-year-old daughter creating the town without a face.

Piecing together each branch of Step’s Brisbane hometown, you will inevitably slip into the wonder-world the artist paints. Overflowing with heartwarming visuals and lyrics of the “winding river, over-flowing/ let me take you down, let me bring you round”.

The track, as described by Steps, was originally inspired by his “internal tug-of-war between embarrassment and pride for my hometown”.

The songwriter ended up using the memories of his childhood as a beacon of light during Melbourne’s Covid-19 lockdown of 2020, moving past the love/hate relationship and taking us down the meditative stream of his memories.

Floating with an infatuating tune, the mind cannot help but associate Greg Steps to likings of Bon Iver and Vance Joy, in their timelessness to tell a story with nothing but their magnetic vocals and acoustic guitar.


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The visuals are an embodiment of the lyrics; “even something ordinary can leave a lasted mark”. 

With footage of Step’s family, piecing together locations of his childhood, you may find yourself reconsidering the city lifestyle and think about moving to the suburbs.

There is nothing insincere about Steps, his work will hypnotically slip you int0 humble colour-filled pocket that is his world.

Become entranced by Greg Step’s, Town Without A Face, below: