Listen to Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl perform a secret acoustic Nirvana set in 1991

Everyone’s for the better with the uncovering of this ultra-rare acoustic Nirvana set. The audio of the gig has surfaced 26 years to the day after the gig occurred.

26 years ago in Edinburgh, Scotland, 30 insanely lucky punters paid just one pound to see Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl play an ultra-exclusive acoustic Nirvana gig.

Nirvana were billed as “special guests,” using the pseudonym “Teen Spirit” for the evening and were accompanied by local Edinburgh band Joyriders. Dave and Kurt laid down a punchy five-song set to raise money for the Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital.

nirvana acoustic

The Twitter page LiveNirvana.com uncovered the audio, tweeting: “We’ve been actively trying to track down a recording for probably 15 years. We thought one didn’t exist. It does.” 

The setlist includes acoustic versions of Dumb, Polly, and The Vaseline’s Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam. With only the first ten minutes of the set available, the remainder remains a mystery.

Earlier this year Courtney Love and Frances Bean were involved in a legal battle regarding the release of photos of Cobain’s body following his death in 1994. Conspiracy theorist Richard Lee attempted to have the photos released to the public, though has so far been unsuccessful.

Check out what’s available of the Edinburgh set below. Enjoy!

So for the die hard fans on the hunt for Nirvana acoustic songs, one YouTuber points out: Just to clarify a couple of things about this recording as there’s some incorrect information been written about the recording on various websites & message boards. Some people seem to be under the impression that there is a longer version of this recording containing more songs. Only 2 1/2 songs were recorded (I never knew Kurt & Dave were going to be performing and only had 12 minutes of tape), a slightly longer version with guitars being tuned / chords being practised does exist though it contains no additional music. Similarly, some people also seem to be under the impression that a better quality version of this recording exists. Prior to being uploaded to youtube, I never gave a copy of the recording to anybody, which means all copies of this recording which are currently circulating were sourced from the original youtube upload. The recording could and should be better quality than it currently is as there were major problems digitising the recording. If a better quality version does become available in future it will be made available freely. So please don’t waste your time or money trying to obtain a longer / better quality version of this recording from the people who are currently claiming to have one.