Grover Allman made custom Happy guitar picks!

Guitar picks, such tiny pieces of plastic yet so intrinsically important to the promising axe man. Like a pen to a writer or working batteries to the TV remote. These little beauties make a huge difference to the way we play and experience music.

Grover Allman Picks

Those legends form Grover Allman have been making custom guitar picks almost 25 years, and they’ve outdone themselves with these special Happy picks!

Many a guitarist will have a few stashed in their wallet, or their car, or even the drawer in their desk at work. Especially if you work in the Happy office, open up a drawer and you’ll find a plethora of our very own Happy guitar picks! Did we make these you ask? No, hell no. The talented folks from Grover Allman deserve all the credit, and they’ve been a world leader in guitar pick printing and design for almost 25 years.

We’re not hogging these for ourselves of course. Every band we interview will be going home with some custom Happy picks, like winning the coveted Alfa Romeo on Sale of the Century. So next time your favourite band start flicking their picks out to the crowd after the show chances are it’ll be from your favourite music blog.