Guts, passion and feeling screwed up with Ellen Rose

Ahead of UBERfest’s final show in Melbourne this weekend we caught up with up and coming singer / songwriter Ellen Rose as she discusses the importance of small festivals and the determination that has got her where she is today.

Ellen Rose

Budding singer / songwriter Ellen Rose chats UBERfest, the importance of a live music community and having the guts to follow a dream.

HAPPY: Technically ‘Uber’ is something that something that is supreme or outstanding. What in your life would you say is Uber?

ELLEN ROSE: There are so many things in my life at the moment that is just outstanding and amazing, so I suppose I would have to say life in general is ‘Uber’. But if I really did have to choose, I would have to pin-point being able to write music and being able to creatively let my mind soar. Now that in my books is ‘Uber’.

HAPPY: You’ve already played the Sydney and Brisbane legs of this UBERfest tour, how did you find those shows?

ELLEN ROSE: I found both shows incredible, as the atmosphere that was created was awesome! I met so many new artists as well as just supporters of live music, and have managed to make some contacts along the way! The venues that we’re chosen were also great, especially in Brisbane playing on the stage outside!

HAPPY: UBERfest is a showcase of up and comes from melting pot of genres, what are your thoughts on the festival?

ELLEN ROSE: I think it’s a fantastically put together festival that showcases original, live music from a variety of different acts and genres. You can really appreciate the time and effort the organisers and also musicians put into everything and I believe that this festival really has been amazing and also eye opening to the diversity of musicians out there.

HAPPY: What are your thoughts on the role of small festivals and tours like this in Australia?

ELLEN ROSE: I think small festivals and tours around Australia are very worthwhile, as musicians, like myself, want to make their mark and leave an impression with their music. And with the help of these tours it can really assist in getting some fans here and there, and again, meeting other musicians.

HAPPY: Your latest original track Screwed Up has clocked up over 1000 listens, nice! Can you tell us about the journey you’ve taken to arrive to this point?

ELLEN ROSE: Yes it has and I’m so grateful! Well the start of my journey was rather a bumpy one after dealing with some past experiences and what not, which made me feel like I was never going to perform again. But my love and passion for music was just so strong that I continued to write and put up some songs on YouTube (Screwed Up being the first). A couple of months later, the manager of the most rockin’ glam band Sisters Doll, Peter Hoffmann, asked if I wanted to be a supporting act for them.

From that day on my determination has gotten stronger, I am now signed with Peter’s company Magic Brands Entertainment Group, and I’m continuously gigging throughout my studies. It has been a very eventful journey to say the least, but I can say that what has gotten me to where I am today is determination, resilience, the support of family and friends, and simply a passion and love for music.

HAPPY: At Happy we always talk about stuff that makes us happy, so Ellen what makes you happy?

ELLEN ROSE: What makes me happy is performing, as cliché as that might sound. There is something about the emotion behind music that just makes me so happy and passionate about it. Being able to share the love I have for music with my friends and family too, having jam sessions or just chillin’ out, makes me one of the happiest girls on the planet!