Wish it was still 1992? Ugly Mundays keep the gas on for angsty grunge

Years pass, weeks blend into a daze, and days remain a constant reminder of the hopeful weekend ahead. Mondays will continue to be the day of dread, the start of a cycle that feeds at your longing for a break of habit. To few, Mondays bring a sense of stability and direction. To most, Mondays are downright UGLY!

Hailing from Warilla, NSW, comes a group of four angsty teens bashing out a sort of grunge rock highly reminiscent of the Aussie grunge sound as heard in Silverchair’s earlier efforts. While Daniel Johns may have grown out of his angst and moved toward deadbeat pop sounds, Ben Wilson, Aaron Schneider, Kalen Welsh and Corey Gee of Ugly Mundays wear their angst on their sleeves.

Ugly Mundays Dream

Not willing to throw away your tattered flannel from the 1992 Big Day Out? Don’t worry, Warilla foursome Ugly Mundays keeps angsty grunge alive.

If you’re into the whole ‘been there done that’ grunge rock sound which has persevered since the 90’s, by all means check out Ugly Mundays. A lot of people still enjoy a good ol’ fashioned kick from pounding riffs and dreary vocal slurs, and there is nothing wrong with that. To date Ugly Mundays have a mere two tracks to boast on their triple J Unearthed page, Dream and Mary Jane. The production on these tracks isn’t the best however it’s important to keep in mind that these guys are still new to the game.

If anything, these tracks just leave me with a sense of future anticipation, hoping that with some tight production these tracks may really get a chance to scream. Together Dream and Mary Jane are just satisfactory tracks in my humble opinion. To me, Ugly Mundays boast a sound that has been successfully delivered in the 90s with no apparent twist. Nevertheless please take my words with a grain of salt, these guys are still really young and have plenty of time to grow as a group, and there is something definitely bubbling under the surface.

This may truly be your cup of tea, so by all means give the boys in Ugly Mundays a solid chance. Dream and Mary Jane still bristle with energy, but the execution isn’t quite there yet. I’ll continue remain hopeful that Ugly Mundays strive towards delivering something truly unique in the future that separates themselves from the burden of past artistic endeavours.