PREMIERE: Evie Lulu – ‘An Ode To Whoever’

Evie Lulu bursts open with her debut EP, An Ode To Whoever, a stunning blend of intimacy and raw, grungy passion.

Evie Lulu, the 21-year-old artist hailing from Naarm (Melbourne), beats with an undeniable rhythm on her debut EP, An Ode To Whoever.

The five-track release oozes with honesty and natural skill; Lulu has painted a masterpiece of emotion, mastery, and sincerity that makes An Ode To Whoever, fittingly, a gift for everyone.

Evie Lulu

Coming from a trail of singles such as Railway Wine and Tokyo, Lulu’s latest project showcases her sharpened skills in production – the EP was recorded and produced in the limitless confines of her bedroom. Mixed by talented friend and producer Finn McCallum, the EP is a glistening, infatuating slice of Lulu’s world.

Whilst the first track London breaks into the familiar angst of Aussie-rock, An Ode To Whoever effortlessly slides into the swirls of an alt-pop soundscape with South Side. “Now my mind cannot erase you”, Lulu sings angelically, all whilst thumping the drums and strumming an electric guitar riff in a beaming ’90s-style music video.

The peak of the EP is over and over and over again, with lyrics that enthral and consume, wrapping around the electric riff and harmonies: “I called up my mum and I said I’m doing well again/ she said no you’re not you just stopped taking your medicine/I feel like I’ll be this way forever”. 

Lulu explained the vivid transparency in her songwriting, saying: “it’s a journal to me. I use it to self-reflect, whether on personal downfalls, issues in my life or accomplishments”. 

Bored trickles through next, a stunning blend of Lulu’s honeyed vocals and a grunge sound. The final track, Sweater Weather Pt.1 & Pt.2 leaves you with the sweet taste of Frank Ocean’s Blonde; it’s melodic, nerve-tingling, and gloriously stunning.


An Ode To Whoever will be available on all streaming platforms on November 23. Pre-save the EP here.