Hatchling blends Western Americana and Aussie rock in latest single

Sydney artist Hatchling, releases angsty-folk track, Shadow Of You, with lyrical mastery and rock-dripping passion.

In a stunning blend of raw emotion and bluesy rock, Hatchling cracks open with Shadow Of You.

The track is a raw, throbbing tune that pours with golden verses and a hard-hitting guitar chorus.


Hatchling, the singer/songwriter known for her echo into the Western Americana abyss, channels the same cowgirl energy into Shadow Of You. The visuals (directed, shot and edited by Tim Cheeseman) accentuate the grunge tones as Hatchling and her band perform the track in a rugged forest landscape.

Hatchling, draped in a white gown, steps into her own light as the lyrics crack open a euphoric burst from living in another’s shadow:

“Flattery and affections are not everything… to be your own person requires an acknowledgement that sometimes you’re not ready to be perceived solely as someone’s attachment” Hatchling explains.

Swirling in a cathartic pool of toxicity with the vulnerability of stepping away, comes a track that enlightens as much as it fuels an angsty fire.

Hatchling is a master of the lyric game, spurring verses with a calming control whilst the words chaotically dance around her; “I still love you, do you love me, my heart beats for what is true”.  

Her words drip in a hypnotic and vulnerable soundscape, similar to the likings of Jade Bird, Wolf Alice and Fleetwood Mac.

If Shadow Of You is any indication of what’s to come for Hatchling, we can expect nothing but magnetic music and stories that pinch the nerve of what it truly means to be a woman.

Stepping away from the shadows comes an empowering and fuelling track – you can just feel the energy and nerve in Hatchling’s work, something that will inevitably be magnified on the live stage.

Fall into Hatchling’s Shadow Of You below: