Sadie Mustoe is a rare talent bred from the whimsy of the folk world

The seasoned festival performer has unveiled an EP bursting with warmth and beauty

Fans of Taylor Swift and Florence and the Machine are bound to adore the sweet Australiana charm of this Melbourne Teenager, who has somehow embodied the feeling of lying down in a lush meadow of wild daisies.

The EP kicks off with “I’ll Be Alright,” a track that exudes bright and nostalgic early 2000s vibrancy reminiscent of KT Tunstall- its the feeling of listening to ‘Suddenly I See’, without imagining that montage from the Devil Wears Prada.

Sadie Mustoe

The instrumentation carries a sophisticated and memorable Elton John ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ vibe, and it sets the stage for an empowering journey of self-discovery.

Embracing vulnerability becomes a source of strength, and Sadie’s bright and energetic brit-pop foundation shines through, with her melodies taking delightful and unexpected turns that showcase her stand-out talent.

Next up is “Dear You,” where Sadie takes a vulnerable turn. The chordal choices are cinematic, evoking the whimsical twists and turns of a Prince Caspian-esque Regina Spektor musical journey. The track’s catchy and memorable approach perfectly complements Sadie’s vocal expertise, leaving us with a glowing sense of hopefulness.

“Please” brings a bit of cowboy energy to the EP. With visceral and imaginative lyricism akin to Taylor Swift, Sadie ventures into the realm of folk Australiana, creating an anthemic and fun atmosphere that is hard to resist. This track truly captures the essence of communal storytelling.

“Understand My Hand” takes us on a percussive and harmonious journey that begs us to sing along. It’s the most Australiana-inspired piece on the EP, with bouncy bass and textured percussions adding layers of depth and emotion. It’s as if Sadie invites us to join in with some percussive instruments and become part of the captivating experience.

As the EP draws to a close, we find “All for a Rose,” a track that takes a deeper and more vulnerable turn. Bursting with unbridled emotion, this piece showcases Sadie’s vocal prowess, reminding us of Olivia Rodrigo’s fierce and impassioned delivery. With dynamic range that draws you in and pushes the bounds, this heartfelt closing track leaves a lasting impression.

Sadie Mustoe

One of the EP’s most remarkable aspects is how Sadie’s approach feels so instinctively tied to her melody writing. Her chordal writing feels like an extension of the shapes and choices made for the melody; they become a foundation that is built to uphold the emotions and direction that is set up from where her voice wants to go.

This unconventional approach feels totally organic and brings a delicious unexpected vibrancy to each track.

‘Shades of Yellow’ stands as a testament to Sadie Mustoe’s talent and her musicality bred from fearless experimentation. With each song, she invites us into her world, offering vibrant melodies and thought-provoking lyrics that leave a lasting mark.

As a storyteller, Sadie has crafted an EP that will resonate with listeners, reminding us that it’s okay to be vulnerable and find strength in the journey towards self-discovery.

With ‘Shades of Yellow,’ Sadie Mustoe has truly blossomed like a radiant sunflower, adding her unique hue to the vibrant garden of indie music. This EP is a must-listen, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll enchant us with next on her musical journey.