Jon Ann spur the resistance with anthemic single F With Me

With the pop-punk revival in full swing, Jon Ann capitalise fully on a scene that can never quite get enough.

Self proclaimed pub rock and grunge outfit Jon Ann have hit their stride with F With Me, the markings of a new era and a new, ambitious direction in their sights.

With a slew of Australian music legends in their midst, Jon Ann clearly have something magnetic in their orbit. Mixed by Anton Hagop (Silverchair) and mastered by George of Little Wing Sound, F With Me is a brazen, undoubtedly Australian punk rock anthem. 

jon ann new single

Receiving immense positive feedback from their live shows, the Adelaide based group are eager to share their crowd favourite with the rest of the country.

Recently undergoing a transition from a duo to a fully fledged four piece band, the female fronted group have honed their sound and collective passion to create a sound that is wrapped in barbed wire.

Punchy and consistently aggressive, F With Me is a reminiscent fuck you to a past lover. Simplistic lyricism delivered with a captivating ferocity, and a track produced with the energy of a thousand scorned musicians, F With Me is a showcase of musicianship, individual craft and the excitement thrumming throughout Jon Ann’s new lineup.

Channelling the likes of WAAX and Amyl and The Sniffers, Jon Ann lean into a cannon of Australian punk rock that is ever-changing, and always longing for new additions.

Full of boiling rage and resentment, F With Me is timeless in its themes and frustrated sentiment, combining something that resonates so effortlessly with a near perfect take on a genre that has itself stood the test of time.

With the pop-punk revival in full swing, Jon Ann capitalise fully on a scene that can never quite get enough.

Though it comes in at over three minutes, F With Me feels like a beating that is over too quickly; an expulsion of anger that reaches its peak and comes crashing back down all within the same second.

A positive sign, since the single leaves a sense of longing in its wake. A longing for more Jon Ann, for more rage, and for more lyrics to scream along to. 

Listen to F With Me below.

Review By Caitlin Norris.