PREMIERE: MOUSSE debut LP and indie rock gem Soon Won’t Be Long

MOUSSE show off their ability to morph and shapeshift while maintaining a recognisable face.

New Zealand based outfit MOUSSE deliver a dazzling introduction to their sound with Soon Won’t Be Long, their debut full length record.

A group of friends turned experienced musicians, Soon Won’t Be Long is a full realized thesis; a record that knows itself and its desires, and fulfills them expertly. 



From the lively opener, Smoking Gun, a delightful indie pop funk piece, MOUSSE effortlessly immerses itself in the funky fusion that characterizes the bands overall vibe.

Smoking Gun


Aptly titled and egregiously fun, Mousse Motel functions as a mission statement. Impossible to ignore, the track illuminates the backbone of the entire record, the musicianship and the joy cultivated.

Mousse Motel


Time Will Tell, an introspective offering that rounds the album out nicely, encouraging a second listen as soon as the first ends. 

Time Will Tell


Echoing slide guitars, intuitive riffs and resonant lyrics. Opening with Chilli, MOUSSE set a malleable tone.



A powerful vocal and emotive engagement of the likes of Spacey Jane – though with the slight funk flare of Talking Heads – MOUSSE offer a fusion of elements that shine and reflect off of each other.

Leaning into the subtle reggae influence on Fat Cat, MOUSSE show off their ability to morph and shapeshift while maintaining a recognisable face.

Fat Cat


Grave takes things in what feels like an entirely new direction, a pop inspired track with an ominous theatricality.

It is a testament to the group’s artistry that such a swing can be taken, and knocked so gloriously out of the park. A little bit disco, a lot of pop-rock and a dose of funk make up Grave, one of the unexpected highlights of Soon Won’t Be Long.





Hey Hey follows this precedent, giving the stage to a thick bass line and offbeat, shimmering guitar chords. The ordering of Soon Won’t Be Long is in itself something to be admired – an art form that has slowly lost its place in the time of single releases and streaming.

Hey Hey


From Afar brings things down without losing the playful, welcoming attitude that Soon Won’t Be Long boasts.

A focus on songwriting and vocal performance, From Afar is another shade of a band that refuses to dabble in just one place. 

Hey Hey


Soon Won’t Be Long prides itself on a bending of genre, and the pure pleasure that comes from experimenting with sounds and eras of music past and present.

MOUSSE present themselves as a cohesive, adept and charming indie rock group, one that demands at least one eye on them at all times. 

Wrap your ears around Soon Won’t Be Long above and below, and presave here.

Full Track List.

1) Smoking Gun
2) Mousse Motel
3) Time Will Tell
4) Chilli
5) Fat Cat
6) Knuckle
7) Grave
8) Nothing Left
9) Hey Hey
10) From Afar

Review By Caitlin Norris.