We asked Gyroscope, The Getaway Plan, RACKETT, Jesswar and Thundamentals the same 5 questions

Sometimes it’s tough being in the publishing game. So many artists to talk to, and so little time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could interview, I don’t know, five of Australia’s finest at once?

Yeah, it would.

Since they’ll all be checking in at The Pier Street Party on Saturday February 24th, we sat down with The Getaway Plan, Gyroscope, RACKETT, Jesswar and DJ Morgs of Thundamentals… and asked them all the same five questions.

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Who’s got the best hair at the Pier Street Party, and where’s the afterparty? We sit down with 5 artists on the lineup to discuss plans for the day.

HAPPY: You’re all playing the Pier Street Party in Frankston. Tell us, objectively, is the lineup better than last year?

DJ MORGS: Well, speaking objectively there is one major major draw card this year that there wasn’t last year. I don’t like to point fingers or anything though. But, the draw card to surpass last year’s line up has to be that I heard this year they are gonna have a stand that sells cinnamon flavoured fairy floss.

THE GETAWAY PLAN: Last year was pretty rad. A couple of us went along to see our drummer Dan play in Ecca Vandal who absolutely killed it! Guess it depends what you’re into, but this year’s lineup’s got us all pretty excited, especially Gyroscope!

RACKETT: Well I would have to say I love a mixture of the both! We absolutely love Art vs. Science but also love Ali Barter – she’s a babe, and we have always wanted to play with The Gooch Palms so both are pretty awesome.

GYROSCOPE: Last year was a great line up with our fellow West Australians Birds Of Tokyo on the bill but I truly think this year is better, as it’s been a good five years since we have played in Frankston and we know how much the Frankston crowd loves Gyro. So it should be a great vibe. Not to mention that Art vs. Science are one of the best live bands in the country and The Getaway Plan always kill it. It’s going to be a huge show! We cant wait to play.

JESSWAR: Last year looked like a dope line up, would’ve loved to have caught Ecca Vandal. I’m really happy to see some hip hop in the mix for this year’s party!

HAPPY: What’s the gnarliest thing you’ve ever done just south of Melbourne?

DJ MORGS: I once got unconscious drunk and in my unconscious state dreamt of a whole life with a wife, a job and kids. Then when I woke up I was so fixated on a lamp I had to get psychological help (still unconscious btw) only to find out the lamp wasn’t real, which then turns out to be a bottle of liquor. Looping me back to reality.

THE GETAWAY PLAN: A big chunk of our lives have been south of Melbourne, too much gnarly to pick from.

RACKETT: Our idea of gnarly is all spending $100 on massages so we don’t have too much to comment. Maybe dancing on the backstreets of Melbourne recreating Flashdance before a show is up there, or maybe dancing on broken glass on stage is more appropriate for the question?

GYROSCOPE: The last time we played at Pier Live I was loading my drums out to the van when a couple of blokes approached me and offered to buy my jeans. They wanted to get into the night club and couldn’t because one of the blokes was wearing this crazy green baggy tracksuit pants. Anyhow I was about to say “you don’t want my jeans” as I just played a sweaty gig in them… but the blokes persisted and bought them for $200. So there I was getting changed at 1am in the carpark in Frankston swapping jeans with someone. Weird.

JESSWAR: I’m a tropical baby, I don’t fly that far south.

HAPPY: Frankston Mayor Colin Hampton will be joining the party. What’s your plan to get him amongst it?

DJ MORGS: As far as I’ve heard he doesn’t need much encouragement. I have heard he loves a couple of Harry Dazzlers. I heard he put down two Trevor Hendy’s and two Liam Gallaghers after being on that Justin Bieber all day. He knows how to play is what I was told anyway.

THE GETAWAY PLAN: Tell ya’ what, Mayor Colin Hampton should come join us and our good friends over at Sea Shepherd who are holding a Beach Cleanup before the party! Kicks off at Frankston Pier at 11am.

RACKETT: Well we’d love to get him on stage for a big fat smooch.

GYROSCOPE: Colin seems like a fun guy… maybe we can get him to sing the chorus of Baby, I’m Gettin’ Better?

JESSWAR: Offer him some tequila shots and a front row seat to my show.

HAPPY: Who’s got the best hair on the lineup?

DJ MORGS: It’s hard to say. I mean, am I allowed to vote for people who wear wigs?. This question is just too vague. Like, are we talking who has the best all natural hair? Do you have different categories? I would vote for us, but we all wear wigs now. Well, ever since the accident.

THE GETAWAY PLAN: Matt for sure! Our drummer’s beard hair is getting pretty wild too haha.

RACKETT: I don’t really know what everyone’s hair looks like, I’m pretty sure most of us have short hair so I’d probably have to say our guitarist Kat has the best hair – I’ve always been jealous of those long luscious locks.

GYROSCOPE: Gyroscope’s very own Daniel Sanders. For those of you haven’t seen us for a while. Prepare yourself. He looks like Yahoo Serious and that hairstyle is so big it has its own postcode.

JESSWAR: Silly. I do.

HAPPY: Afterparty plans?

DJ MORGS: Yeh that would be nice. Thanks.

THE GETAWAY PLAN: Open house at Mayor Hampton’s.

RACKETT: We will be anywhere that has espresso martinis.

GYROSCOPE: For sure… we are only in town for the one night and Im flying in from New York City so lets make the most of it and have a few. You tell us where and we’ll be there.

JESSWAR: I don’t like too many plans so go with the flow of the night and see where we end up.

The Pier Street Party takes place on Feb 24th at the Pelly Bar & Pier Bandroom in Frankston, Victoria. Tickets available here. 


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