Spotify finally adds songwriter credits to “give the unsung heroes of music some recognition”

Spotify has confirmed that songwriting credits will now be available on their desktop platform, and the feature will soon be coming to their mobile platform as well.

Users will now be able to right click a track and select a ‘Show Credits’ option, which will then provide information on producers, performers, and songwriters.

The people behind some of music’s biggest songs will now finally receive a bit of credit, courtesy of Spotify’s newest feature.

Spotify say all information regarding credits will be supplied to them by record labels, which will also be on display.

“Songwriters are an integral force behind the music we love,” says Tiffany Kumar, Spotify Global Head of Songwriter Relations.

With the newly launched credits feature, we aim to increase songwriter and producer visibility and, in turn, foster discovery among new collaborators, industry partners, and fans.

Many industry members have been calling for the feature, believing it’s a positive move regarding the murky area of digital rights.

It’s amazing to see Spotify give the unsung heroes of music some recognition on their platform. Definitely a step in the right direction,” says songwriter Frank Dukes, who has credits on songs by Lorde and Travis Scott.

If you wanna try the new feature out for yourself, try it out on one of the songs in our weekly Spotify playlist:

Via Music Business Worldwide.