Hail to the king of streaming: Spotify announce staggering new figures, outpace Apple Music by miles

Spotify have just updated the figures on their press information page, revealing some staggering figures that once again solidify their place on the throne as the king of streaming.

Spotify 60 million subscribers

Spotify have announced they recently reached a new peak of paid subscribers, more than doubling their main competitor, Apple Music.

As of July 2017, the platform now has more than 60 million paying users. This means that, according to The Verge, the company is up 10 million subscribers in just four months, when it last announced it had 50 million.

On top of this, Spotify has a further 80 million free subscribers, with a total of 140 million active users (as of June 2017).

As The Verge point out, a few things have changed for Spotify since it released its latest numbers. Most importantly, the company reached licensing agreements with Universal and Sony. The deals will give these labels’ artists the option to keep their music off of Spotify’s free tier for a certain period of time, while Spotify will get a slight break in royalty payments.

Spotify have also been accused of inserting “fake artists” into their playlists, and have been experimenting with allowing recording labels to promote their music by inserting songs into to user playlists, basically as “sponsored content”.

It seems, however, that nothing can hinder the platform’s lead over their rivals. Recently, Apple Music announced they had hit a peak of 27 million paid subscribers – less than half of Spotify’s.

Meanwhile, Pandora recently shut down operations in Australia and New Zealand.

See Spotify’s most recent figures here.