HAIM to cover Leonard Cohen on new Hanukkah compilation record

Ever wondered what it would be like to hear Leonard Cohen’s If It Be Your Will performed by HAIM on a compilation dedicated to the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah? No? Well, soon you will be able to and it’s not the only thing you should get excited about.

Record label Verve Forecast have recently announced they will be rolling out (somewhat jokingly) a compilation of music for Hanukkah, which is set to take place this year on the 22nd December.

The compilation will also include renditions of famous Jewish numbers from the likes of Jack Black, The Flaming Lips and Yo la Tengo.

The source of inspiration for such an album originates perhaps from Yo La Tengo’s annual Hanukah concerts, which, as non-practicing, non-Jews find something ironically hilarious about their odd musical tradition.

Surprisingly, this is certainly not HAIM’s first Semitic rodeo, having written their own Hannukah song eloquently titled Light me up like I’m a menorah. 

Along with Haim’s cover of a Leonard Cohen classic, are eleven other tracks with equally clever Hanukkah-related titles, including Dreidels of Fire, Eight Candles, Hanukkah in ’96 and of course Chad Gadya (Passover Bonus). 

The compilation will be dropping on the 22nd of November – exactly one month from the official Hanukkah holiday.