Hands Like Houses unleash ‘The Water’, announcing a self-titled EP with UNFD

Etching in their first big release since their massive album Anon. in 2018, Hands Like Houses have announced a self-titled EP coming this October.

When Hands Like Houses broke out their new single Space in June, many fans of the Canberra natives assumed something bigger was afoot. Thematically the tune spoke about recording in an intense, close-knit environment and the struggles thereof – were the band back in the studio?

Today, they’ve confirmed suspicions. Hands Like Houses will release a brand new self-titled EP on October 23rd through their longtime label UNFD, sharing another thunderous single to celebrate.

hands like houses the water

The Water picks up where Space left off, packing an unruly amount of hooks into its three-minute runtime. Like Space it caters to an escapist principle, albeit through a more fantastical lens. Imagining a Shape of Water-esque figure assimilating itself into human society but ultimately becoming homesick, the song brings universal sensations – such as longing, disaffection, and nostalgia for what’s been lost – to the surface.

“I picture the protagonist as some beautiful, fantastical, strange and surreal sea creature that has come to live among us, but wants to go home,” singer Trenton Woodley shared.

“I feel like the voice of this song is one that has done its best to make a place to belong, but knows it doesn’t, can’t or won’t, and is trying to say a heartfelt, honest goodbye.”

Whether or not you’re actually a sea beast wearing a human disguise, lyrics such as “No one can tell me who I was meant to be” or “This place was never really meant for someone like me” speak to anyone who’s ever lived outside the square. As ever, Hands Like Houses find a way to pack an emotional, poignant punch into their stadium-ready tunes.

The upcoming Hands Like Houses EP was created over the same hyper-intense 10-day streak which Space lauded in its lyrics, a time where the band were worn to their cores emotionally. The songs, as we’ve seen from these first two singles, will dig deep, confronting not only burnout and isolation, but the need for communication and connection amongst these trialling moments.

Playing into those ideas, the artwork for each single and the EP itself will feature AUSLAN interpretations of their titles. Although the band admit little familiarity to the language themselves, they hope to encourage fans to learn AUSLAN as well as foster a broader awareness for its use in Australia and beyond.

Additionally, aware that many fans will be missing the usual tour associated with a release, Hands Like Houses will put on a special Live In Ya Lounge livestream on Saturday August 29th, starting at 8pm AEST.

Calling in the help of Sputnik Sweetheart and Aya Yves to support, it’ll be almost like a real gig! Tune in for three sets from Canberra’s finest, and to hear the band’s take on a few tracks from their upcoming EP.

The stream will be live across Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch – grab all the information including local play times on Hands Like Houses’ website. You can also respond to the Facebook event, if that’s your jam.


Hands Like Houses is out October 23rd via UNFD. Pre-save or pre-order your copy here.