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The MTX8 gives you complete creative control of your effects chain

Future Sound Systems unveils the MTX8, an analog pin matrix that acts as an ideal connection meeting point for all your effects.

Never worry about tracing those pesky patch cables again. MTX8 — the latest from Future Sound Systems — offers a simple way of creatively playing with signal routing options using a pin matrix system.

Since 2005, Future Sound Systems has developed unique designs that encourage thinking outside the box: the MTX8 is no different. Taking after the EMS Synthi AKS, the device is a fully analog, true-bypass 64-pin routing matrix that offers 8 inputs and 8 outputs in a slick desktop-friendly package.


The MTX8 comes in two configurations: Standard and Guitar. The latter offers a Tubescreamer-style preamp on input 1 with gain, tone and level control with a clipping option that can be toggled in or out.

The MTX8 allows for a huge number of creative combinations, be it simple or complex signal chains, that can be created by simply dropping pins into the matrix without having to rewire your whole setup, or disturb the creative flow. And to keep track of what is connected to what, the MTX8 is also designed to be written on.

For more information, jump onto Future Sound Systems website and check out the tutorial below.