Happy’s Zen Horoscope (20th June - 27th June): What will your reflection show?

Happy’s Zen Horoscope (20th June – 27th June): What will your reflection show?

It’s Cancer season, baby. This is the time to love those that are closest to you that have proven themselves to be your greatest allies through thick and thin.

Cancer encourages a slightly softer approach, no matter where you are you may feel more inclined to catch a quiet spot amidst all the noise around you, or rather than being out or about, you may find yourself seeking the warm and familiar found in the comfort of your own home.

It’s a full and busy week for favourable transits, so start off right with a helping hand from Jupiter’s retrograde and allow for a reflective quality to permeate your mindset on Sunday/Monday. 

Wednesday sees Mercury direct in Gemini, so use this energy to focus, and to keep working on your goals. By the week’s end, you may have some hard decisions to make due to Neptune’s retrograde.


Whatever has been absorbing your time and energy lately feels to be coming to an end. Whether it be study, a long term project, or a relationship that has finally come full circle, there is a strong reflective quality to things, as you look back on how much you’ve learned along the way.

Do lookout for any loose ends and tie them up good and true, because there is a lot of good news that comes with completing things, it frees you up for a new chapter. So use this timeframe to celebrate the ending of the old, and the coming of the new. 


There is a recognition to things this week, that there are some aspects of your life that are wrapping up. Things that once defined you, no longer feel to hold the same attachment that they once did, and this is something that you shouldn’t be afraid to let go of.

Anything that you have loved, it’s time to move forward, because there is something far greater awaiting you, you are past the point of no return so let gravity do its work, and put your intent and passion into gear to help move things forward. Watch out for a lack of structure or routine, and make sure you realign your focus mid-week so that you don’t lose momentum.


Virgo, you have been busy lately, working, hustling and getting things done, so this week, take a beat and put some time aside for the people in your life. 

It feels easy, you feel to be quite aware of just how much you can contribute to any situation just by being who you are, no special effort is required, it feels to just flow from you quite naturally. 

Use your energy to share the best of yourself with your friends and family. Romance is also high on the agenda, so go out of your way to make that special someone feel even more special. You needn’t go too big, a nice night in will more than cover it.


It’s a potentially conflicting yet constructive kind of week ahead, with all the group brainstorming as you go about trying to find common ground on a goal. It’s a process, there’s no denying it, so use Mercury’s direct energy in Gemini midweek, to stay focused.

Let ‘one step at a time’ be your mantra, and whatever you do, don’t get started on the next step until the step preceding it is finished. You don’t want to have to go back and undo anything at a later stage because you missed something vital by jumping ahead too far or too fast.

Advice: don’t lose sight of your own goals, no matter how busy you are.


A nice week for enjoying a little quiet time, preferring perhaps to stay at home and keep a low profile, maybe you just feel like hanging out with the people that you love the most.

Especially if you are wrestling with any problems, anything that you are not clear about, sometimes a bit of downtime can help to give you the space for some much-needed clarity.

So make the most of it and relax into it, be open to feeling your way through things with your heart as opposed to your head.


You’ve endured some challenges here or there as you work your way towards completing a big goal. Sometimes, creativity can become blocked if you don’t allow time for a proper break here or there.

And if you find yourself running up against people that don’t support your ideas, then you would probably benefit from a break and go hang out with your own personal cheerleaders, we all have them, people that support our zany crazy ideas, and you more than most.

So, spend some time and talk about what you have planned for the future, with the people in your life that support you.


If life throws a curveball at you this week, draw on your emotional maturity to steer your way through. Because you may find that you are going to have to make some decisions based on more of a logical approach, rather than an emotional one.

A good week for forming some new ideas and redirecting your energy accordingly, especially if you find yourself inclined to take on a new opportunity. Even if you don’t know exactly where it will take you, you will still feel really good about the possibilities. Best of all, you are not alone, you are supported by like-minded individuals, so go with it.


Where to go, what to do? Pretty much every choice you have at this time is great, and if anything that only makes the decision process harder, not easier.

To make the path clearer for yourself, you are going to have to let go of the things that you have outgrown. You can’t keep repeating yourself, so it’s time to create some new blueprints and step up to something that is new and invigorating.

Advice: don’t waste your energy on activities that you believe aren’t going anywhere, because this timeframe is all about long term sustainable creative/projects that will have a lasting impact. 


Self-care is the name of the game this week. Gift yourself, buy yourself a little treat, write a list of all the things that you have made possible in your life to date, thank yourself and acknowledge just how kind and giving you are.

Then, spend some time thinking about what you want to do next. Don’t dwell on what you can’t do, or what you might have to wait for others to do, forget that, give yourself some space and time to think about how you can manifest your goals in your own way.

Advice: Dig deep, think about cause and effect, and how you can challenge your own status quo.


Embrace a bit of personal transformation and don’t resist change this week, you know it’s coming, and you know you need it.

Sometimes you need the bad with the good, sometimes it’s just what’s needed to get the ball rolling on anything that you may have been putting off.

So go with what is being presented, even if you doubt your abilities, or you are suffering from ‘imposter syndrome’. Fake it till you make it, Aries. And whatever you do, keep moving, keep going, roll up your sleeves and just get things done.


Rest up Taurus, you’ve been super busy lately, and you need a break. If you’ve found lately that some things didn’t go to plan, or didn’t work out, well I’m pretty sure there’s a good reason for it.

So use this week to break away from the norm and give yourself some time to reflect on things. Embrace some meditation, contemplation to re-evaluate things.

Now is a great time to ponder your motivations, your values and morals, and get closer to your authentic self. And the best way to do that is to REST. So rest already.


Some of your efforts may be a bit scattered at this time so you’ll need to have a rethink about how you can bring everything together.

This timeframe is all about bringing to a close any unfinished business, so you can leave behind a relationship, a bad habit, or anything that is no longer working for you.

This is quite a private timeframe, you aren’t about to share this personal challenge with anyone, and that’s ok, because you know what you must do to move forward and remedy this situation, and that’s all that counts.  

There will be some good signs this week to show you that are on the right path, especially financially.