Happy’s Zen Horoscope (29th May - 4th June) get some instant karma and shine on

Happy’s Zen Horoscope (29th May – 4th June) get some instant karma and shine on

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius begins, and since Saturn is the lord of Karma, best to be on the lookout. Depending on how you’ve been lately, expect to feel some repercussions good or bad, either way.

This timeframe may hit a bit of a lull,  but not for no reason.  As this is the perfect opportunity to face anything head-on that may need it. Especially any extended isolation or shyness, this timeframe is the opportunity to shake things up, and shake off any limitations. Be mindful of anything fanatical, political, or otherwise, and you will roll through this season just fine.  



If you have started something new recently, no doubt you are giving it all you’ve got. Pushing yourself always pays off, especially when it comes to learning new skills, on or off the job. So if you are keen to level up in any way, now is also a good time to think about stretching yourself in other areas that will give your particular skill set an extra edge. 


Sometimes things take time. Looking at things in the long term can have its frustrations, but investing in the future is what this timeframe is all about. However you go about it, either with study, any financial planning, or any other kind of goal you have, you just need to remind yourself that it will pay off.


Everything is progressing steadily, so while you are comfortable with where things are, now might be a good time to stretch a little out of your current comfort zone, because the unknown territory is the best chance for growth. This is also a great week to think about travel plans.


If you’ve experienced a lull of any kind, know that things are about to change for the better. There is a definite ending in sight, and you will get back on your feet again. Expect your faith in the universe to be renewed. Especially if you’ve experienced any kind of financial hiccups, things are about to improve dramatically. 


A good week to check in with yourself to make sure you are practicing self-love. A little mindful meditation wouldn’t hurt, the kind where you fill your entire body with positive loving energy. Any thoughts you have at this time, feel largely to be kept to yourself.  Self-exploration can be a personal matter, you’ll know if and when you are ready to share your innermost thoughts with those around you. 


Financials might be on your mind, so this feels as good a time as any to go inwards and look at your relationship with money. If you find that you are putting money before your well-being, it might be a good time to step away and prioritise before you burn out.  Yes, money is important, but if it’s not serving you in the best way, maybe you need to rethink your position on it. 


Decisions, decisions, sometimes there are just no easy answers. If you know deep down what you want to do, but are feeling a little reluctant, maybe you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, maybe you don’t want to be the bad guy, or maybe you just want to avoid conflict, whatever the case, know that you are probably only delaying the inevitable.  



Good times lay ahead, along with some pretty serious recognition and praise. Sometimes things go well, like really well, and this week feels to be one of them. So feel good about everything that comes your way, enjoy the well-wishing, because you know how to work hard, and you know that it pays off, so enjoy the feeling of success, because you’ve earned it.


Change is a constant, so while things are going well, enjoy yourself. Because life can be surprising, what with all the ups and downs, and you know better than anyone, that life is full of change. So be good to yourself, be good to others, you get back what you give out, so may as well aim high. Practice meaningful manifestation and good things will keep coming to you, you’ll see. 


Keep those that you love close. This is a good time to spend some quality downtime around the house, especially with your family and your friends. Life is good Pisces, keep following your heart, and you can’t go wrong. If something feels great, do more of it, if it feels not so great, do less of it, that’s pretty much the key to a successful week. 


Sometimes things end, maybe you knew it was on the cards, maybe you didn’t, either way, if there is something that has rocked your world a little, a job, or a connection that has come to an end, don’t wallow in it, know that it is probably for the greater good, and use it to make improvements in your life, where a little beneficial change might have been needed all along. 


The spiritual path needn’t be a tricky one. If you are just starting out, sometimes it’s best to follow the tried and tested path, just to get you started. As long as you begin to create a regular practice, whether it be meditation or yoga, or any other kind of spiritual or religious undertaking when you have learned all you need to, you can then take what you want out of it, and throw the rest away, so that you can make your own rules. Until then, learning is king.