Happy’s Zen Horoscope (2nd May - 8th May): Adapt and survive 'cause change is a-comin'

Happy’s Zen Horoscope (2nd May – 8th May): Adapt and survive ’cause change is a-comin’

Be open to new ideas this week with Mercury entering Gemini on the 3rd. Let creativity reign, take in new sights via anything that stimulates your senses. Get out, get social, immerse yourself in some long overdue art and culture. Be curious, be inspired, and let the ideas flow.

This week is all about how you take in information and work with what inspires and invigorates you to get your creative juices flowing. Go out of your way to engage with the right kind of environment that feeds your imagination in just the right way. Anything that helps you to open the creative channel, or that gives you the space you need that will help lead you to your next big thing is encouraged.

You don’t have to jump on the first idea that you have, chances are you are going to have plenty to choose from, so take your time, enjoy the process and get a good feel for where this whirlwind of creative activity could take you.


You might find things a bit disorientating this week if you feel a bit compromised on time. Maybe you feel like there is way too much to do. Avoid any unnecessary stress, and try to keep things as simple and as ordinary as possible. Focus on stability within the home to keep you on track, and trust that by the weeks end things will be calming down.

The Universe has got your back, and you’ll find that you have more support than you thought. See. You don’t have to do everything yourself, you just think you do. Relax already.


Choices will need to be made, so make them based on what is right for you. Focus not on what you wish for, but what is real and tangible and right in front of you. Which is you, focus on you.

This is a great week for taking care of yourself, your mood, your health, your overall well being, and sure it may require a few new expenses, but you are worth it.


Mo money mo money. Why? Because there is a lot of inspiring shit happening this week and it ain’t free, so there’s that. So payout, enjoy yourself, and really get into how awesome everything is right now. Because at this time, it’s all about feeding your creativity in all of the right ways, so get going.


There is a strong focus on the arts and work-based social interactions this week. New people, new projects. Advice from the stars, give yourself a moment to plan, because you’ve put in a lot of effort creatively already, you know you have what it takes, you’ve already set things up for success.

Say yes to a new financial/career opportunity, this week is all about manifestation and abundance. If you wanted a green light, this is it.


This is a great week to finish anything that needs it. Maybe this will require you to work a little harder than usual, maybe you’ll feel a little extra burden or responsibility, but you’ve got the intellect for it.

There are a lot of upsides, because you’ll find that you are able to carry any additional responsibilities with less stress than you thought, kind of like a new normal in a way, so don’t shy away from the opportunity.


New emotional personal connections and new work opportunities, this week has it all. The latter will require you to be the best Libran boss that you can be, so remember who you are, you have an innate ability to create wealth and abundance, and better yet, you know how to sustain it over time through self-discipline and control.

Look out for personal goals, inner alignment, fear of the unknown, or any lack of planning. Most of all, just make a plan. Don’t pay any heed to hesitation, it’s not your friend.


This is potentially a tricky week for ole Scorpio, maybe a bit of interference from other people, you may want to keep some things a secret, maybe you want to do things creatively that you struggle to take responsibility for because the people around you don’t like it, whatever, it takes courage to be true to who you are.

Advice, don’t let emotions stand in your way this week, if you want to do something, do it, sans emotions. Remember, breakthroughs, new ideas and mental clarity will lead to success.


A little bit of space wouldn’t kill you, actually, it would if you were in space, but you’re not, you’re here, on Earth, and sometimes you need a little bit of a
break from all of the overthinking that you do to get a feel for what you will do next, so try not to worry if you can’t get a handle on anything right now, you just need a bit of time to sense all of the possibilities that are out there, so that when you are ready you can settle on the right one for you.


You are the boss of you, you know this, you know how to dream up ideas, and you know how to execute them. Now is the time to step into your power, and be the boss you know you need to be.

First things first, take some time, reflect, be inspired by the things that you love, and then take a step towards something that you want. If you feel that your attention is divided, keep it focused on the professional front just for this week and you should be fine.


Don’t make any hasty decisions around love, even if you feel a little confused, or too preoccupied with other things. Give yourself some time. Space reigns, it really does, so this week do what is creatively inspiring, don’t make any decisions that aren’t creative or loving, and don’t stress.

Because there is an opportunity here to change things up a bit, tap into your creative channel, and lovingly provide some much-needed space for yourself. So that when you are ready you can make decisions with a less stressed mindset.


There is a new Sheriff in town, and it’s called honesty. This week is all about mental clarity, intellectual power, authority and truth. So use logic and intellect to navigate the path ahead. There may have been some changes around the home front, but don’t worry you have support.

Be patient, be honest, and do keep thinking about what you would like to have in your life and it will come. For now, just take things one day time, that’s all you can do. One day at a time.


Don’t get lazy on the work front, you know what it takes to get the profits rolling in. This is a week for investing in things that showcase your skills and talent. Money thoughts are all over your sphere. Money, money, money, saving money, security, conservatism, scarcity, control.

But sometimes you have to spend money, to make money. So do that. Because there is a great opportunity coming up that will make you glad that you did.