Happy’s Zen Horoscope (30th May – 5th June): The feels become much more real

Let The Beatles be your mantra this week, because all you need is love. Venus enters Cancer on the 3rd of June, which makes it a highly favourable transit for showing someone just how much you love and appreciate them.

Show some love of the unconditional kind. Look to those who may need a little extra TLC this week, and let your intuition guide your way through things as opposed to taking a logical approach. Keep in mind Cancer will increase your sensitivity, so watch out for anything that may potentially be too triggering, and focus instead on the positives to make your day and those that you love better. 


A good week for being clear about where you want to put your emotional feels.  You already have a handle on being super supportive and caring to those in need, ready to deal with anything that comes your way, to give love, to give affection when its needed, which is good because you are being called on to give a little extra.

Advice: Remember to self-nurture and keep decision making quick and concise. Good news on the work front as new opportunities prove to have the potential to more lucrative than you first may have thought. 



Spending quality time with your family, or getting around to the things that you have been meaning to do sometimes get lost along the way. With one busy week turning into the next there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day. 

So sometimes you need a little reminder because you can’t keep saying,  I’m too busy, I’ll do it next week.  There’s no time like the present, so reach out and spend some time doing the things that you are always putting off. You’ll be happy, and better still you might make someone else happy along the way. 


Show your loved ones just how much you love them this week, give like you know you can, and make that special someone in your life feel even more special.

This is a great week to take things into your own hands to give your love, your time, and your energy to the people, the projects, that mean a lot to you. Don’t wait around for others to do it for you, no, this is a week for stepping forward and doing it yourself. Think about what you know others would like and do it. Pay it forward. 


Feed your curiosity this week wherever it leads. Because this is a great time to take a few risks, and if you make a mistake along the way, so be it, just take it in your stride.

Because that is what mistakes are for, to learn from, so that you don’t go on and make the same mistakes again. Remember, mistakes are how we learn so don’t be afraid to make them, its always ok to take a risk here or there if you feel it, if you want do something new, if you want to tell someone that you love them, do it, say it. It will be ok. 


Creative highlights abound. But before you get started on the next thing, and we all know there is a next thing, take a moment out to connect to some creative space, give yourself a moment to see where you might want it all to lead. Avoid anything too controlled or rigid this week, follow your intuition, and let creativity reign.

Make everything about progress, decisions, and the kind of discovery that helps with future planning. Take this week, to see where you really want things to go. Advice: Take a beat, make a decision and plan accordingly. 


If there ever was a week that was calling on you to take a rest, this is it, so shut down your computer, turn off your phone and go off-grid, like now, immediately, and rest. Rest like there is no tomorrow. Because sometimes you forget to take it easy, you work yourself to the point where you forget how to take the smallest break.

Avoid any potentially triggering emotionally charged moments,  and do yourself a kindness. Rest with a capital R. Rest, relaxation, remediation,  go get a facial, a massage, treat yo self, so that you can stay on track. 


There feels to be a bit of push and pull this week, as you go about pondering life in all its glory, and weighing up a few options. You may even have to make some potentially difficult decisions, so to avoid an impasse take a moment out to connect to your inner strength and determination so that you can put the plans that you want to make into action.

Advice: if the decisions that you are making are causing you to feel anxious, remind yourself that you may just be making mountains out of molehills, chances are things are never as bad as you think. 


You have acquired a new take on things, you feel to know that it’s still a process of sorts to get to where you want to be, but the good news is, you’ve got the ball rolling, you’ve worked out just what that process is, and you are ready to step up. This week is all about panning, and that means stepping out of your comfort zone to make things happen. 

If you are looking for a new abode, this week luck feels to be on your side. Advice: Spend a relaxing day or two with family, just to keep things grounded and balanced. 


Balance, moderation, patience and purpose, a great week for wrapping things up. You’ve had to take the good with bad lately, but it’s worked out, and if it hasn’t, well you seem to get a good feel for what it means in the greater scheme of things.

Advice: Go it alone this week, you feel to need it, and it’s not for no reason.  So enjoy your alone time. Keep it purposeful and meaningful and you can’t go wrong. 


You feel to be putting yourself first and that is more than ok. This week is all about self-nurturing, self-love and compassion. Within and without, so get a feel for what you have outgrown, and what no longer serves you, so that you can realign with what the next chapter holds. 

You may not know exactly what it will be, but it will come to you, you’ll see. Give yourself time to get a feel for what would really benefit your life, let your intuition guide you forward, it won’t lead you astray. 


New ideas, curiosity and inspiration, this is the time to tap into your potential. Because chances are there is a lot that you want to do.  So reach out and connect to those that you know will support you, and along the way, don’t compare what you want to do to with what anyone else is doing. 

Focus on how you do things in the best way that you know-how. Because you are a natural-born leader, you have a vision, you are an entrepreneur at heart. It’s time to listen to and honour that part of yourself. 


Just as you get used to things, what happens? It ups and changes on you.  You may be called on this week to find clear a path in a sea of conflict, opposing opinions, or emotional chaos. The best way to navigate this week is to try to be enthusiastic about any changes that are coming up. 

Get creative, have some fun, spend some quality romantic time with your partner.  Balance things out by taking care of yourself, go to day spa, get a massage, anything that excites or nurtures your senses to better help you to handle anything that comes up that may require some good old Taurean diplomacy.