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Happy’s Zen Horoscope (5th September – 11th September): Let your creativity flow

Creativity flows with the new Moon in Virgo on the 6th. If you feel a sudden urge to bring something to fruition, jump to it, as this moon event encourages a get-up and go approach to anything and everything. 

On the love front, expect things to get passionate and serious on the 10th as Venus the planet of love and beauty enters the invested and intense Scorpio.

This is the time to dig a little deeper beneath the surface and check in to see if the connections you have in your life are worth investing in. Keep in mind that this timeframe may have challenging moments but will be worth it by the end, as anything that makes it through, will be all the stronger for it. 


Be mindful of any unrealistic expectations this week, and try not to let your emotions get the better of you – especially in the romance department, or any department actually – because chances are it’s your birthday.

It is Virgo season, and in these covid times, well… things are more than likely going to have a little less pizzazz than usual. There are no guarantees, birthday or not,  Covid or not, but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the moment. So trust that things will be awesome, and have a great week, because Virgos rule. 


No doubt you have a new idea floating around in that head of yours, and if you find yourself doubting your intuition, or if you are experiencing minor creative blocks, then remind yourself that one thing is certain – it is better to try and maybe fail, than to not try at all, because what if you try and you succeed!

Wondering about the what ifs? That’s not living. Trying is living. Listen to your intuition, and let that guide you forward, and remember, if it’s fear-based, it ain’t your intuition.  


New beginnings, opportunities and potential abound. If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again, because you can always try again. And if other people don’t understand or try to deter you in any way, pay no mind, and do what you want anyway.

Because let’s face it, the opinions of others matter very little. If you know that you are doing the right thing, then that’s all that counts, that’s all that will ever count. So let that be your guiding principal at this time, and you’ll be fine. 


This is a good week to look inwards, and not outwards for what makes you feel happy and fulfilled.  Ask yourself, what does success mean to me? Maybe it’s changed somewhat recently, and that’s more than okay – in fact it’s perfect!

So use this timeframe to realign things here or there so that they better match up with your new definitions of success and prosperity. Chances are it’s going to mean less is more, which gives you the opportunity to really hone in and bring about a more intense and focused approach to your home and professional life. 


Time to tune into your current levels of energy. Are you bursting with self-confidence and inner strength, or are you experiencing self doubt and low levels of enthusiasm? If it’s the latter, look to see how you can bring your energy levels back into balance. 

Rest if need be, take time out, it’s important that you take care of yourself, so that you can take care of otters. Especially if you’ve recently yelled at someone you care about. Take that as a straight up sign that you need to rebalance things, and catch up on some ‘me’ time. 


Patience is a virtue, sometimes there is nothing else for it but to wait. Patiently…. so use this week to assess things, your progress to date, and think about the areas that would benefit from a bit more time and energy, and the areas that would would be best left alone, you know, the areas that no matter how much you seem to be putting into them, just never get off the ground.

Remove from your life anything that has been depleting your resources, as this will help you to align with the kind of goals that will ensure future success. 


You thrive on new ideas, and this week is all about learning something new. Now is an excellent time to start a new project, especially anything creative that allows you to express yourself via communication, story telling, poetry, or creative writing – as long as it allows you to use more brain power than usual.

Sure, there may be challenges along the way, but if you start out with a positive mindset, and maintain your energy and focus, you will achieve what you set out to. 


If you find that you have a build up of energy this week – creative restlessness, or scattered energy, or you find that you are experiencing frustrating delays – sometimes you may just need to find another way to express your creativity.

Sometimes when you are experiencing challenges, it doesn’t mean that you are off the path, it is the path, so continue to pursue your passions and your goals, and adjust things here or there accordingly whilst staying true to your original idea. You will get there. 


Rest and recharge your batteries this week, Taurus. Even if it’s in small bursts. Because you are doing a lot,  and before you embark on the next thing, it’s vital you take a mini hiatus, so that you better channel your intent and focus on the next challenge.

Even if you are feeling particularly driven,  still take time out from your busy schedule to replenish your energy, because a hectic workload can have repercussions if you don’t allow yourself to take a break from time to time. 


You have your own personal definition of success. Achievement looks different to you, from how other people define it, precisely because your values and priorities are unique to you.

So remind yourself just what success means and get clear about what true happiness means to you, and you will be better equipped to make decisions that are more in alignment with to bring about true fulfilment. 


Seeking personal closure at this time can feel like a big deal. Especially if you are experiencing any long drawn out emotional feels that keep pulling you back time and time again. Deep down, you know that you need to let go of the past and move on.

The best way forward this week is to give thanks for the past, for what it meant to you, and for what you learned from it, so that you can let it go. Draw a line, and look to the future with the kind of intent and focus that it deserves. 


Trying one more time is a strength, not a weakness. As long as you move forward armed with the knowledge of anything that didn’t work in the past, as the tool that it is meant to be, to make you smarter and more self aware. Because there are some things worth striving for, and learning along the way is a vital and necessary tool for self improvement in all areas.

So say yes, say yes to trying again one more time. Because chances are this time things will be more aligned with your inner being and sense of purpose, and it will be clear to you, why perhaps, it didn’t work out the first time.