Happy’s Zen Horoscope (March 21st - 27th): Things are about to get spicy

Happy’s Zen Horoscope (March 21st – 27th): Things are about to get spicy

Welcome to Happy’s Zen Horoscope! March 21st sees Venus entering Aries. Everything is on fire, so put your money where your mouth is and get yourself some of what matters.

Venus entering Aries is a dynamic duo of energy and getting what’s yours. So, if you have the mind to practice some self-love, spend a day or two doing just that. Say no to everyone else and yes to you.

Indulge your senses, try new things, and most of all, love your heart out from the inside out. That means loving yourself first and foremost so that you are better equipped to share your love with everyone else.


Me leaving Pisces and walking towards Aries

Aries Horoscope

It’s Aries season baby! And that means it’s time to put into action all the things that have been preying on your mind. You know, that little thing or that not so little thing, this is the time to manifest exactly what you want. It may mean that you have to think about others and how these actions may impact their lives. This all feels unavoidable for the most part, but don’t let it deter you from making a move towards something that you want. Because, Aries, you don’t need permission, you never have. You can and will always do exactly what you want to. A little zen advice, watch your frustration levels and embrace a little meditation to help you through.

Taurus Horoscope

This is a good week. No need to worry about any elaborate plans or preparations. It’s more of a time to just let nature take its course. Sometimes dear Taurus, it’s ok to sit back and feel good about where you are at. Because, if one thing is certain, you have created a foundation that is more than stable, which gives you the added security to know that every now and then. You can stop all the planning and mapping out of the future to just chill. So, chill, because the universe has your back. So binge-watch Behind Her Eyes like you know you want to.

Gemini Horoscope

Something new is coming. Hell, maybe just a new way to look at the world in general, but rest assured it will be new. Maybe you didn’t get something that you wanted, maybe you did. Either way, this is one of those eye-opener moments where you get the rare opportunity to see how it all works. Life, that is. How life works; the good, the bad, the hard, the easy, how it all makes sense and fits together like a big puzzle. A little bit of an ‘a-ha’ moment where you realize that you will probably never look at things in the same way again, which is awesome. So let it colour your world for the better and enjoy the new view.

Cancer Horoscope

There is a strong focus on trusting your intuition this week, so it’s important to take note that if there is something new that you want to do. And I’m pretty sure there is. Don’t let your loved ones put you off, even if what you want seems kind of crazy to everyone else, and maybe even a little crazy to yourself. No matter, do it anyway because it will be coming from a place within you that is ruled by intuition, trust, and a beautiful dose of innocence. So if you feel compelled to take a leap of faith, then take it.

Leo Horoscope

With Venus entering Aries this week, there is a strong focus on relationships. There will be romance abound, hell, maybe even love. Whilst it all feels heady and wonderful, you never know how long it will last, so enjoy yourself! On the professional front, work on your collaboration game Leos, because sometimes you can’t do everything yourself, and you do actually need other people to help your dreams come true. So collab away. Just be sure that you are in agreement about the direction before you start, we all still want to be friends at the end of the day.

Virgo Horoscope

There’s something deeply meditative about doing the dishes. I know, I know, bringing up the dishes again, but there feels to be a good reason for it. Maybe you haven’t quite tapped into just how meditative chores are yet and, even though you are wildly reliable, you have as yet to find the true intrinsic value in why ordinary things exist. So take this week as a week of practising mindfulness. If you feel the urge to be extra impressive, to be extraordinary in any way, this week is not for that. This week really does feel to be all about taking the ordinary approach, it feels to be just what you need.

Libra Horoscope

Librans, where is your fair sense of justice this week? Thinking about getting political, maybe think again. If you are offering up something that is only in place to get something else, and if that something comes at a cost. Maybe go back to the drawing board, because chances are it may not work out the way that you had planned. It’s just one of those things. But if you really feel that you have to take some kind of surreptitious or stealthy action, if it’s a situation that really leaves no room for honesty, then make sure your plan is completely foolproof, just saying.


It really is all about relationships this week and, for some, this may mean heartbreak. For others, a change that may bring you closer. There is always a silver lining to a bummer of a situation though and, what’s that you ask Scorpios? If you allow for it, you can always come out of anything smarter than before you went in, not to mention with a renewed sense of self, and did I mention SMARTER? Sometimes it’s just better to call it, sometimes there is no more that you can do, and you just have to accept it. Acceptance is the key ingredient for this week’s shit sandwich. Enjoy.


Great week for being the best conversationalist that you know that you are. And since listening is an essential part of making it a deeper and more meaningful experience, you will need to just for a moment, not just pretend to be listening but to actually listen. There is a little gift in this, as it automatically helps you to forget all about yourself, about being self-conscious or insecure. Plus, listening actually makes you better looking. So embrace a little sensitivity, intuition, and compassion, and you will be rewarded, by turning listening into the art form that it is.


Creativity is essential at the start of anything new, a project, a relationship, and this is highlighted for you this week Capricorns. So a big yes to anything that pops up, a little romance or an arty collab. If you do have a new project that you’re about to start, time to turn on your creativity. Some advice, don’t worry about what comes next, just infuse this early stage with as much creativity as you can channel. Because this is where you will set the stage for the more practical work that will follow. And in this way, it will make what you are doing a joy for you, and a blessing for others.


Interesting week ahead, it feels like a good time to raise some self-awareness about what really tests you. This will come in the form of having to be the boss in a situation, with a friend, a partner, a colleague, whoever it is, you are probably going to have to put your thick skin on because you don’t want to take no for an answer. Sure it will be hard, given your strong humanitarian traits (read hippy), but if you stay centred, it will help you to stay detached. Because sometimes you need a bit of that to be the boss. Who knows? Maybe you’ll like the way being boss makes you feel, which is not such a bad thing.


Life is full of highs and lows, and unfortunately, the lows have a way of testing our sense of security. And no one really likes having their security challenged, so sometimes the best thing that you can do in such a situation is to know that everything happens for a reason, and if your world is being shaken down, then something probably had to go. As tough as is to swallow, you will find that on the other side of this shit storm is the opportunity for newness. Just like the lyrics in Machine Translations song, For every new thing that you find. You’re gonna leave something behind. And that is OK. More than OK. Horoscope