Happy’s Zen Horoscope: Prepare for some turbo dreams

Happy’s Zen Horoscope (March 14th- 20th): Prepare for some turbo dreams

Welcome to Happy’s weekly horoscope. March 15th sees Mercury entering Pisces, so expect some wild dreams and a stronger than usual sense of intuition to help you problem-solve this week.

Mercury entering Pisces is one of the more fantastical alignments for planets, making our dreams more vivid and our thoughts more wondrous. Horoscope

And, because Pisces lives in the land of all things psychic and magical and Mercury the land of communication and a “let’s pull it apart and put it back together again” mentality, expect to look at things in a new light, via reaching places to our imagination that we haven’t been to before.

mercury in pisces horoscope


Dear dreamy Pisces, there is a particular need this week to practice a bit of presence. You are a great listener, and even though you may seem like you’re not really listening at times, we all know it’s down to you listening wholly with your intuition, which is great. But sometimes a bit of presence is required to get things done in the here and now, and that means presence. So when you find your mind drifting to other times or other places, pull your attention back to what it is that is in front of you, to help you to stay alert in the present moment, just to get things done.


You may have trouble decoding the secret language of your intuition this week, so some advice for when you are faced with any decisions, two decisions, or hell, even three, take the path of least resistance. Because there may be some decisions that need to be made, and if you can’t get a sense of what the best one is, just go with the flow baby, and say yes to what you are being presented with, because this will be the sign that you are looking for, but maybe you just can’t see it as clearly as you normally would, this is due to Pisces dreamy spell overriding your ability to be your usual bold and confident self. Horoscope


Nagging clouds of self-doubt anyone? Just take it in your stride this week dear Taurus, because we all long to be better, to be more loving, more aware, and more true to ourselves. So if you don’t like where you are at, if you really feel like you’ve made some bad choices that have led you to where you are. Don’t let it get to you, just put it down to experience, and move on, because what is your motto? ‘Nothing worth having comes easy’. So work through it, and make some changes that are more aligned with your heart, and you will be fine.


The great thing about this week Gemini is that after the frantic pace of last week, this timeframe is all about slowing the fuck down. Because some of the wonderful thoughts that you’ve dreamt up recently will come to fruition, and some won’t, and the thing to remember, is that for the things that don’t, it makes more space for the things that do. And for that, sometimes you need a bit of stillness to prepare the ground for a new kind of acceptance of what is. Missed out on an opportunity? Experiencing major delays? That’s OK, there’s always a reason for it, and it will be revealed in time.


Doing anything new can be fraught with dangers, honestly what doesn’t hold a little danger here or there. But Cancer, don’t let negativity wear you down with thoughts of what if it sucks, what if it doesn’t work out? There are no guarantees, and who cares anyway. That’s no way to live because with Venus in Pisces on the 18th, it will be a good time to embrace a bit of carpe diem baby. True adventure has nothing to do what maps or even plans for that matter, true adventure is found in moving through life with the spirit of a child, spontaneously, innocently, and openly. Horoscope


Expect a positive change Leos, this week sees an improvement in relationships, money, and overall luck. Any adversity or problems that you just couldn’t seem to get a handle on are on the way out. With a little help from the passing planet of Mercury entering Pisces, you should be in a very positive frame of mind as you rebuild your sense of stability and security. Whatever your attention is set on this week, creatively or professionally, will be the focus of great concentration. Nice. During this time, your natural warmth and affection in any social setting will bring into your life new friends. Horoscope


A very romantic week Virgo, where thoughts of fantasy are deeply alluring. And as these thoughts pervade things for most of the week, you may find that annoyances creep up as the more ordinary aspects of life come into play. There is no escaping some things, not the dishes, or the bills that are crying to be paid. So try not to let this get in the way of following your heart, especially if you are inspired towards the more dreamy or romantic side of life because as with most things, this too shall pass, so enjoy yourself while it is in the air. Horoscope


The level of potential is high this week, Libra, as you focus on the things that can be done as opposed to the things that can’t, so you may have little patience for those that are leaning towards the latter. Thinking about fighting, arguing, or inviting a bit of conflict into your sphere? Advice at this time, try not to say anything neggie out loud, as it may lead to miscommunication that is likely only to make things harder. Stay focused on the things you can do, pay attention to your dreams, and delve into your wonderful imagination to infuse the things you can do with the brilliancy they deserve.


Painful choices, difficult decisions, poor Scorpio, you might feel like you are stuck between a rock and hard place this week. Being caught in the middle of anything pretty much sucks balls. Useful advice, just choose a side, at least that way you won’t have to worry about it anymore. And if it turns out to be a mistake, c’est la vie, you can always swap sides. Romantically, for the singles out there. Dating more than one person? Make a choice, and don’t keep stringing anyone along, it’s not cool. And if there is someone out there that you are into, step up and say it, don’t let thoughts of rejection stand in your way. Horoscope


Sagittarians love freedom, so long-term relationships can sometimes suffer from all the waxing and waning that can go on. Time to look to your past to see what did or didn’t work for you in any previous relationships, and use this knowledge to improve your love life in the here and now. Kick those bad relationship patterns to the curb. Because chances are things are pretty great, you’ve found someone supportive and who loves you, so make them feel supported and loved in return, and trust that you have set yourself up for success, and prosperity. Because sometimes you just can’t see it, what with all those freedom feels getting in the way. Horoscope


We all know it’s hard not to action things, as ambitious (read workaholic) as you are, but everything has a process and with Mercury entering Pisces, this is a great time to change pace. Meditation, Yoga, hell, even a walk in a park will do, anything that quietens your mind would be really beneficial this week. Because this is the timeframe to allow any dreamy thoughts to come into your mind, to dance around for a bit, so that when you are ready, any insights that come to you, can be manifested a little bit further on down the track. Horoscope


Where in the wonderful World shall I go next? Ok maybe not the World (thanks COVID) but I’m sure there are a whole lot of local and not-so-local destinations that are calling you right now. Because there is unlimited potential to things at this time, you are very much in tune with your nature, and you will find that you can recognize possibilities perhaps even before others can, so follow your intuition on this one. Chances are it’s going to lead you somewhere pretty special. New friends, new romances. Existence is providing you with exactly what you need. Horoscope