Happy’s Zen Horoscope (March 8th – 14th): The new moon is serving fresh starts and pure vibes

Welcome to Happy’s weekly horoscope! Hump day is here and you’re probably still hungover. No need to worry though, because this week’s new moon is here to bring you all the good vibes.

Looking for answers? Searching for a fresh start? Chin up buddy, because this week’s new moon will hit on Saturday morning, so you’d better be ready to commit to some personal goals. Not only that, this bad boy will be coming to us in Pisces (a.k.a. make sure to unlock those peak fishy energies, courtesy of the Happy horoscope). This could include a leap of faith, re-evaluating our perspectives, or starting a new creative project. This is your chance to harness a change for the better, so make it count.

In other news, this week’s lune is particularly sensual and creative as it is in alignment with Neptune and Venus. Long story short, this week will be the gift and guiding force that keeps on giving. Self-help podcasts could never. To help you on your journeys, we’ve compiled a few horoscopes to keep in mind.



This week is all about expansion, forward-thinking, forward planning, and moving.

Along the way donโ€™t forget about strengthening the connections with the people in your life. Spend more time looking into your loved oneโ€™s eyes. Really connect to their energy, as strangely this is something that we don’t do often enough, and for you Pisces, the empathetic bunch that you are, it will open your already strong empathic channel, enabling you to see things more clearly, and seeing with clarity is something you could always do with a shot of.


Pay attention to how you are feeling this week, especially if you are feeling a bit stuck in any way professionally or personally. Because feeling stuck can often lead to emotional outbursts or mishaps. Take the time to learn, especially from your mistakes dear Aries. If you do make a mistake – if you lose your temper a little or have a regrettable meltdown – don’t dwell on it, use the lesson that it is meant to be, learn from it and grow, and make some appropriate changes so that you don’t make the same mistakes again.


Spontaneity reigns and this is something that you probably don’t do enough of, so do yourself a bit of a favour this week, and treat yourself and maybe your loved ones to something random and fun, throw a celebration just because life is worth celebrating, remember you don’t need to wait for a date on the calendar to tell you what to do, so live a little, and get out there and celebrate. And if you do have a reason to celebrate, then make it louder than you usually would, make it bigger, give yourself and your friends a moment to remember.


There is a lot of movement for you this week; new locations, new experiences.

So a great week for travelling to new places and meeting new people and, with your delightful personality, youโ€™ll be sure to win friends and be welcomed wherever you go. There is a bit of a fast pace to things, everything has a reason, the new experiences hold a new job or social activity, or there is a move to a new home, and with all of this action make sure you take the time to stop every now and then and really soak in all of the newness. Remember to enjoy yourself.


This week sees you at the start of a wonderful journey, thinking about new plans, new adventures, just take a little time to look before you jump into anything. Most importantly, don’t listen to anyone else, if they tell you that your plans are crazy, or they don’t understand, try not to let this get to you, because only you know what is right for you, and nothing can stop this new path that you are about to embark on. Be mindful of overreacting, or overthinking other people’s reactions. Stay focused and true to what you want and you will be fine.


There’s a definite process to things and this shouldn’t be avoided. Leos generally have a tendency to get a bit lazy before they have even reached the halfway mark, so this is an important time to get practical. Sure you have a lot to do, a big project that you are working on and, with the finish line still a bit far away, you can’t rush through anything. Be methodical in your approach, take it one step at a time, one task at a time, and don’t start the next step until the one before it is completed and you will get there.


There are many new insights coming to you at this time, around your relationships and how you connect to the people in your life. And this is a great time to look at the bigger picture and see how all it all contributes – the hard, the easy – and you will come to find that both are needed just as much as the other. With this new perspective, you will find that your relationships become deeper and more meaningful, and you will find that, not only have you gained more love and respect for yourself and all that you are learning, but for the people in your life as well. Horoscope


Sometimes you just need a pat on the back for all of your hard work, because it couldn’t have happened without all of your meticulous and careful planning. So take this week to relax a little, because you can, you’ve made it all happen, and everything is going well. Trust that you can use this time to share the best of yourself, your creativity, without too much preparation or effort, because timing-wise everything is in place, so the best thing that you can do this week is to enjoy expressing your strong sense of creativity in your personal life, in your work and your creative pursuits. Horoscope


Projection is coming through this week, so Scorpios be mindful of any judgements that you are placing on others. A very useful tool in working out whether or not you are in the right to judge – and letโ€™s face it, no one really is in the right unless you are actually a judge – is to stop an opinion about another in its tracks, and turn it straight back around to yourself. Because chances are it may be something that you may need to take responsibility for but just donโ€™t realise it. The same, of course, can be applied to those around you. So if anyone judges you for anything this week, remember, it may not be about you, it may well be something that they need to own up to. Horoscope


Love is in the air. Sagittarians, you are going to be called on to be very compassionate this week. If you are being asked to care for somebody who is in need, know that it is going to be a deeply meaningful experience. This timeframe will either see a deepening of love for those already in long-term relationships, and for those that are questioning things, perhaps a decision. Some advice, if you are asked to make a moral choice in the realm of love, take the higher ground.Horoscope


The only thing guaranteed in life is that things will change. A deeply transformative timeframe. So allow any changes to take place without too much resistance as this will pave the way for something new. Changes are most likely to happen in all things family-related, “what was true today, may not be true tomorrow” being the general take on the week ahead, so practising acceptance is advisable. Lifestyle improvements are at the forefront, anything that you can do that will benefit your wellbeing is encouraged, getting outside in mother nature is a great way to stay grounded with any upcoming changes that may be coming your way. Horoscope


The best way to mitigate stress is to rest and, Aquarians, we all know that you think rest is boring, but it is vital that you embrace a bit of downtime this week. So take a moment out to turn everything off, and yes that means your phone and your computer and your TV. Do what you can to switch off your busy mind, take a nap on the couch, take a bath, go sit outside in mother nature, grab a chai at your favourite cafe and watch the people pass by. Make it a priority and find a way to relax for a little.