Hard times: Man suffers 9-day erection following a moped accident

A British man has tipped erectile dysfunction on its head after a moped accident landed him with a nine-day erection.

Life is already hard enough, but then you go and throw a nine-day-long, grade IV erection into the mix and things just get a whole lot harder.

In a study published in the journal Case Reports in Urology, the doctors made mention to the quite peculiar incident. This incident involved a 35-year-old British man who fell off his moped and hit his taint (the part of your body between the genitals and the anus), developing bruising but no other significant injuries.

man with two penises

However, for the following days, the man suffered from an erection that would put most viagra companies to shame. Presumably embarrassed about the uninvited guest, the man finally went to see the doctor.

“On examination, there was a grade IV erection with a rigid base and shaft,” the doctors state in the report: Grade IV being the hardest erection on the scale. Although the man had not suffered any pain, he did report a “mild discomfort on walking,” which isn’t surprising for a man with three legs.

Upon examination, doctors found that it was consistent with high-flow priapism, a prolonged erection caused by unregulated cavernous arterial inflow. Usually quite rare and caused by blunt trauma, the extended length of time for this man’s erection was caused by too much-oxygenated blood rushing into his penis.

Usually, high-flow priapism is treated conservatively through ice packs and mechanical decompression of the affected area. However, the doctors decided that “timely intervention [needed] to be considered to avoid the potential risk of erectile dysfunction in the long term.”

So, in order to avoid potential erectile dysfunction in the future, the doctors artificially shafted the high levels of oxygenated blood out and sent the man home to recover whatever dignity he had left.

Twelve months on, the man’s erectile function has slowly improved, hopefully on his way back to semi-working order.