Meet the man with two perfectly working penises

Meet the two-schlonged man who has rooted over 1000 people and needs to jack off every day, for medical reasons obviously.

When Thomas Jefferson penned the term “all men are created equal”, I’m sure he wasn’t expecting this. Meet the man with two penises who isn’t afraid to use them, (it goes without saying that there’s an NSFW tag on this one).

Diphallia affects about one in 5.5 million American men and is caused by irregular homeobox gene expression during the 4th week of pregnancy. The end result? Two penises.

man with two penises

Going by the name of DoubleDickDude on Twitter, this bloke certainly hasn’t been shy about what’s going on between his legs. While the condition is often accompanied by other congenital conditions, often causing insuperable defects, DoubleDickDude has used his fully functional fourth-leg to its full capacity.

Although his identity is relatively unknown, he has amassed quite the presence on social media; including 60,000 Twitter followers and one of the most popular Ask Me Anything sessions that Reddit has ever seen. DoubleDickDude shared some interesting tidbits during this session, including;

My prostate gets inflamed if I don’t ejaculate enough. I’m probably the only guy with a legit reason to orgasm at least once every day or two days.”

When asked if he has a favourite penis, he also replied, “Yes, the right one. The left one has a grudge against me for it too.” He wasn’t shy about his bedroom adventures either, announcing that he has had sex with over 1000 people and counting.

DoubleDickDude has gone on to release a Kindle #1 best-selling book, Double Header: My Life with Two Penisesthat delves into how diphallia has impacted his life. In an interview with BBC Newsbeat, he discussed growing up with his condition, with his parents asking him to keep it private. However, instead of fear of being ridiculed, a young DoubleDickDude had a different mindset.

I didn’t want other guys to be jealous or feel bad that they didn’t have two. It was never put into my head they might hate me because I had two, or they might think I was weird,” he remembered.

Now, the moment we know you’ve only been waiting for, and the only reason you clicked onto this article. Here he is in all his glory:

A few of our favourite moments from Double Dick Dude’s Reddit AMA

For those who haven’t yet graced the hallowed halls of Double Dick Dude’s Reddit, you’re in for a treat. His 2014 Reddit AMA is easily the most successful in the platform’s history and it continues to deliver the goods, time and time again. Here’s a few of our favourite comments.

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