Hundreds of commuters rally to reinstate iconic Taylor Swift cut-out on popular tram line

The fate of a cardboard cut-out of Taylor Swift displayed along one of the Manchester’s busiest tram lines has been jeopardised, after news that its owner is moving out of town. 

Commuters in Manchester have rallied to ensure the survival of a cardboard cut-out of Taylor Swift visible along one of the city’s most popular tram lines. The life-sized cut-out of the pop star has looked out from the window of an apartment adjacent to the Cornbrook Metrolink line since 2017, in full view of commuters to whom it’s become something of a local landmark.

However, the fate of the cut-out — dubbed ‘Tram Taylor’ by Manchester residents — has been called into question, after it was revealed that the apartment tenant would be moving out soon. Red Redmond, who first erected ‘Tram Taylor’ when they moved into the flat five years ago, announced on Twitter that they’re relocating to  Sheffield in the coming months, meaning that “The future of #TramTaylor is uncertain.

Tram Taylor image taken in Manchester
Credit: Manchester Evening News

Fans flocked to Redmond’s Tweet replies to express their dismay, with one user writing that the monument is “literally a piece of my childhood.” Swift’s presence along the commute was so instrumental that one former Metrolink employee said that “Taylor almost felt part of the team”. There were even calls to list the cut-out as a heritage site. So swift (pun intended) was the local response to the cut-out’s potential disappearance that Redmond reassured its survival to multiple news outlets. 

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, Redmond said that they won’t be moving out for a few months, meaning that Swift’s presence for Metrolink travellers “will definitely stay for the foreseeable [future].” Meanwhile, in an interview with BBC (‘Tram Taylor’ has gone national), Redmond said they’re sure that any occupants eyeing the apartment will keep the cut-out in situ. “We have had hundreds of private messages and we are confident we can find a tenant who will keep Taylor exactly where she is.

I aim to do everything I can so she can stay,” Redmond said. The tenant went on to describe the “joy” ‘Tram Taylor’ has brought to Manchester commuters, saying they’re “very happy that she’s become a part of people’s lives for so long.” They continued: “It’s been nice to see people speak about her, every year she seems to bring a lot of joy to people.” 

Earlier this month, fans speculated that a new Swift album was imminent, pointing to a supposed clue in the singer’s video for her Midnights track, Bejewelled. Elsewhere, it was revealed that Swift’s “influencer” cat, Olivia Benson, is worth $97 million, making her the third richest pet in the world.