Mars retrograde is officially here, so what should you expect?

Mars retrograde is officially here, so what should you expect?

September 9 marks the first time Mars has gone into retrograde since 2018. Are you feeling strange? Begging for answers? Look no further than your weekly horoscope, courtesy of Happy.

I’m sure we’ve all seen that buzzy term Mercury retrograde floating around the internet. Communicating poorly? Disagreeing with friends? Horoscope not telling you what you want to hear? Ugh, must be that Mercury retrograde hun. And the reason we seem to see it so much? Mercury, the ruling planet of communication, is also the fastest planet in our solar system, and therefore enters retrograde three to four times per year. CHAOS!

But what exactly is a Mars retrograde, why are people losing their minds, and how does it differ from Mercury, you wonder? (I know you’re wondering). Scientifically speaking, retrograde motion is when a planet appears to reverse its direction of orbit due to an optical illusion when observed from Earth. A Mars retrograde occurs every two years, and you’re in luck, because today marks the first day.

Mars Retrograde horoscope

This year, Mars retrograde will occur in the constellation of Aries, meaning you better put your sex life and professional life on high alert because this retrograde is here to fuck with both your libido and ambition. Mars represents desire, passion, energy and action. Pair this with the fiery and passionate sign of Aries and BAM, there’s sure to be some crazy stuff going down (or maybe not, as retrograde tends to put things in reverse).

Calling bullshit? That’s fine, believe what you want. But don’t come crawling for answers when our horoscope comes to fruition and turn out to be ~eerily accurate~. Proceed at your own peril.


It’s currently Virgo season baby and the sun is in your realm. Right now your communication is thriving; however, the focus needs to be turned inward to your innermost thoughts. Now is a time to centre your energy towards relationships and internal reflection. Have a cocktail, you deserve it, you pedantic thing you.


For the ever so sociable Libra, now is time to carefully pick and choose who you give your precious time to. Relationships may be strained and you may become easily irritated, but don’t let petty people bother you. Your home and family situation is going to thrive so take this opportunity to feng shui your space and redecorate.


Ol’ mysterious Scorpio… What are you thinking? I’ll tell you what I’m thinking. I’m thinking it’s time to reach out and reveal to that certain someone your true thoughts. Now is a time when socialising is important for you and will come easily. Work-life may be strained but always remember the bigger picture.


Growth is in the charts for you right now little Sagittarius! You will find new opportunities and successes coming your way in terms of income and career. However, be wary of your temper as you may find drama arising within your relationships, particularly in the dating sphere – but we all know it’s nothing you can’t handle.


Oh, ambitious yet realistic Capricorn. You may find these two traits coming to a head soon, but know that whichever wins, everything will become clear. Now is a time where the greater picture will make itself known and your love life will come to fruition. Make a grand gesture, it will be worth it no matter the outcome.


Be careful of your choice of words in this time Aquarius, this is your official horoscope warning. Your analytical nature may cause some trouble in the way you communicate, causing frustration and friction. But never worry, because those that truly understand you will see you. Strong coffee is going to be what you need this month.


Listen up, you mystical little Pisces. There is a breath of fresh air coming your way, specifically within your relationships (romantically in particular). You will find it easy to grow, establish, and blossom new friendships, but be wary of your coin purse as you could become a little financially frustrated at this time.


Your energies may feel all out of whack at the moment Aries due to the Mars retrograde and all that. But, if you take anything away from this horoscope, remember, it will come in ebbs and flows, like everything in life. Good things are coming for you career-wise, but remember to reflect in order to ascertain whether this is what you truly want. Also, buy a calendar so you don’t confuse yourself, sweetie.


Remember to keep yourself in check this retrograde, Taurus. Usually stoic and bound to this Earth, you may find yourself getting sucked into dramas that don’t concern you. Exercise healthy patterns and spend your time with light-hearted companions. Remember that what was meant for you will always be. Frogs may come to you in your dreams, don’t question it.


Oppulance is key for you at this time Gemini, and since it’s in your nature to be impulsive, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this. Issues with friendship circles and social media may arise, so try to spend less time on your phone and more time out in the spring sunshine. Be wary of two-faced people in positions of power.


Never one to let things go easily, Cancer, this time for you will bring out circular patterns that may resurface. Whether it be an old friend popping up on your radar again or revisiting past dreams and goals, what you once thought was something of the past will make it known that it is still very much in your present. Focus on the tangible, for it will ground you in uncertain times.


Ambitious and ever so confident, Leo your hard work will pay off. You may be thinking about your beliefs and questioning the bigger picture, but remember that you have a strong head on those shoulders. You may struggle to live large at this time, but you will make up for it in subtle yet apparent ways. Treat a friend.

There you have it, folks, your weekly horoscope. Stay safe out there and let that sweet, sweet Mars retrograde wash is fiery chaos all over you.