You can now stream playlists tailored to your star sign thanks to Spotify

You can now stream playlists tailored to your star sign thanks to Spotify

Millennials the world over are flocking to Spotify to stream playlists curated to their horoscopes by international astrologer Chani Nicholas.

Spotify has asserted their internet relevance by jumping on the astrology bandwagon, releasing a series of playlists curated towards the zodiac.

Millennial interest in astrology has grown exponentially; what once was something of a New Age fad has been granted a level of edginess and relevance by online internet culture. The resurgent interest in astrology can be credited to social media; zodiac-inspired listicles and articles on Mercury retrograde are on the home pages of most culture websites.

Astrology has no foundation in science. There’s no evidence that proves that your star sign impacts your personality. Astrology is merely the study of the movements of celestial objects (stars and planets) as a means of prophesising information about human affairs and terrestrial events. It’s more of a cultural phenomenon than a scientific one, but at the end of the day, whether you’re a firm believer or somewhat of a sceptic, it’s all just a bit of fun.

Spotify has jumped on the zodiac band-wagon and has partnered with prominent internet astrologer Chani Nicholas to curate playlists based on the signs of the stars. The Cosmic Playlist series will change monthly and will come with a short interjection about what to expect in the coming cycle based on your sign. Right now it’s Capricorn season, and the playlist features the likes of Solange, SZA, James Blake and Sean Nicholas Savage.

Stream your zodiac-inspired playlist via Chani Nicholas and Spotify below:










Capricorn (SZA Zodiac sign)




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