The latest trend to take lockdown by storm is none other than frog bread

It seems that every time I jump onto the couch for some endless scrolling, I find about half a million new quarantine fads.

However, I’d like to bring your attention to one of the most absurd, yet oddly wholesome finds: frog bread.

frog bread
Photo: Twitter @baby_b0nes

Quarantine has brought about a new trend. It involves making bread in the shape of a frog. Frog bread. What will they think of next?

House-bound minds tend to lose their grip. Not judging, but I mean, it’s responsible for trends like this. There’s been frog internet and bread internet, but who could have predicted the crossing of their paths to form one of the internet’s most absurd trends? And that’s saying something. It probably started here, with a witty post from a girl called August:

It’s amassed 123 thousand likes, with more likely incoming. The post accumulated many replies, including those who shared their own creations – some better than others. Take a look:

From there, it just took off really. My guess as to why? The meme potential of frogs. We’ve had Kermit, the infamous Pepe, and now, frog bread. There’s just something about it. Also, depending on your bread making abilities, the frog could look really cute, or just a little bit creepy. There’s no telling what the oven will to do ya.

If you wanna try this craze for yourself, there’s a TikTok below on how to make the bread yourself. Thank me later? Just kidding.

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