Harry Cleverdon flaunts his songwriting brilliance on ‘Right All Along’

Harry Cleverdon is the kind of artist that commands your attention. Back in October, when he released his From My Side Of The Stage EP, we were immediately on board with his rich, lyric-driven brand of music. Since then he’s released a new video for his track Hit Me While I’m Down, and a new single, Right All Along, further refining and developing his audio-visual universe.

Now, with a new clip for the aforementioned Right All Along, Cleverdon continues to build himself as an emerging artist to watch. If you’re still looking for reasons to get on board this bandwagon, this new video should definitely do the trick.

With the release of his new lyric video for Right All Along, NSW singer-songwriter Harry Cleverdon continues to establish his songwriting mastery.

The track itself is a rhythmic folk-pop hit. Driven by subtle and endearing percussive techniques, Right All Along is immediately attention-grabbing. With warm vocal melodies and well-paced instrumentals, the track places the right amount of emphasis in all the right places, leaving you hooked on each unfolding moment.

The track’s accompanying video is an animated lyric clip. With each word sprayed across the screen, the new video highlights the craftsmanship behind Celverdon’s lyrics. Presented in this format, no word is forgotten – just as it should be with a Harry Cleverdon song.

Do yourself a favour and watch the new lyric video above.