Harry Glassborow chats is surreal new video for Cat Traps

It’s been a week now since Harry Glassborow dropped his new video for Cat Traps, and for that entire time, we’ve had it playing on a loop. The clip is awesome. If you haven’t already watched it, do watch it now.

Anyway, we thought it would be sweet to catch up with Harry a week removed from the clip’s release to chat about how it came together, his time playing in Borneo, and friends who work at 7/11s inside 7/11s.

A week removed from the release of his incredible new video for Cat Traps, we caught up with Sydney artist Harry Glassborow for a chat.

HAPPY: Hey, how’s it going? What are you up to at the moment?

HARRY: Hey, I’m good thanks. Just sitting in a room wearing pants and eating some delicious French cheese…

HAPPY: We’re loving Cat Traps! Could you tell us a bit about the song?

HARRY: Yeah sure I can tell you a bit about it. It’s a creamy little think piece, a sonic escape pod from current reality, I use music as a form of escapism so I think this song represents that.

HAPPY: You’ve described yourself as an “analogue yet slightly digitized/sexualised space cowboy from a futuristic past.” Care to elaborate?

HARRY: Those words actually came from my articulate and casual friend who works at a 7/11, so I guess I adopted them as my own. The strange thing is the 7/11 that he works at is actually a much smaller 7/11 inside a regular sized 7/11. It’s kinda weird but slightly convenient.

HAPPY: The new video clip for Cat Traps is great as well! Could you walk us through what concepts/ideas were behind this clip?

HARRY: Hey yeah sure why not. The main concept was brewed up in the directors head, Tom, who also shot a Borneo film clip featuring Aliens and Ninjas. And then we developed the idea a little further together, I guess the rough idea was to shoot something that looks good, has a few lol’s and doesn’t really make to much sense and I think we achieved that. The shoot itself took place a few hours south from Sydney in a state pine forest. We had a rough blueprint of how we would shoot it but other then that we pretty much just winged a lot of the scene’s, my fav is the smoking crack fox. And I am stoked my car has been immortalized on film! Long live Jac. I then edited the video, it gets pretty weird looking at your own head for extended periods of time.

HAPPY: You spent a fair bit of time playing in Borneo. Do you think your time in that band influences the music you make as a solo artist?

HARRY: It definitely has. Playing in Borneo has been a lovely adventure and with hopefully more to come soon, it’s a very collaborative creative atmosphere with no real leader, that alone can be kinda rare in the band realm. I’ve been making my own music for a while but not really doing much with it, playing with the B team and sharing ideas really changed that and the way I look at myself and the music I choose to make. Good vibes are a huge part of Borneo and I think I have adopted that.

HAPPY: Are there any local bands you’re loving at the moment?

HARRY: There’s a great band that I’ve been into for a while called Wartt Gunn – couple of young lads from Sydney who make some really interestingly juicy tunes.

HAPPY: What’s next for Harry Glassborow? Any other plans in the works?

HARRY: Yeah just making some more tracks to realise later in the year, plus I plan to realise two more music videos this year too.

HAPPY: Cheers for the chat!

HARRY: No problem.

Cat Traps is available now. Watch the video above.