PREMIERE: Harry Glassborow will take you down a wild rabbit hole with his new video

Harry Glassborow’s latest video is pretty tight, especially considering most of the budget went towards condensed milk and Bob Jane T-Mart transfer tattoos.

The self-described futuristic space cowboy appears in a crisp white suit, slurping Chinese noodles in a shopping centre, and dancing in tighty-whities in a karaoke booth. It’s strange, sure… but it’s also kind of spellbinding.

Harry Glassborow’s new video clip for Part Rabbit exists in a genre of its own; let’s call it “22nd-century cowboy pop”.

Glassborow has performed as the lead guitarist of Sydney band Borneo for a number of years and plans to tour with them through New Zealand later this month. His self-titled solo project, however, began in 2018 and spans four single releases. 2020 will the project grow, with Harry announcing that he’ll be putting out a new EP later this year, along with two more clips.

With a twangy guitar riff that permeates the chorus, Part Rabbit is layered with a broad walking bassline, synths, and smooth vocals reminiscent of Pet Shop Boys. The clip blends a range of vintage and digital video styles but manages to tell a continuous narrative, with Glassborow acting as the tour guide on an offbeat neon adventure.

The director, Tom Pearce, seemed to have a pretty good time during filming.

“We went uptown, then caught the train downtown, but we definitely didn’t go ‘to town’,” Pearce said. “[Harry] had spent all the budget on a bunch of bootlegged Bob Jane T-Mart transfer tattoos.

“All we had left was enough to cover Will’s the cameraman’s bus fare, a bowl of display noodles for Haz and a round of the most intense condensed milk-based drinks in the Asia-Pacific region.

“We then hit-up D1 Karaoke, had a few too many Dr Peppers then got told off by security for dancing in our underpants.”

Intentional or not, Harry Glassborow is a suave young cowboy that continuously leads us down some odd rabbit holes in a lovely pair of underpants. We can’t wait to see and hear what he delivers next.