Trump official claims that climate change is actually a good thing

The latest “fake news” from the Trump administration claims that climate change and an increase in carbon dioxide is actually beneficial for plants and agriculture.

Once again, a complete denial of the climate crisis from Trump’s office has the potential to damage public environmental policy as misleading information from Indur M. Goklany is featured in nine scientific reports.


Trump official claims climate change is really a good thing for plants and agriculture in latest attempts to deny the global climate emergency.

Goklany has attacked the climate crisis movement, claiming that scientists lack consensus that the earth is warming. I’m sure we can all agree that after the recent bushfires, we are now more so than ever in a global climate emergency. But in classic and predictable Trump-style, Goklany has attempted to disprove climate activists by falsely emphasising inconsistencies amongst scientists to further his own agenda.

Bizarrely, this time Goklany has gone one step further praising the positive effect carbon dioxide has on our atmosphere, the very thing climate activists assert will destroy our planet within a matter of years. In a likely attempt to embed climate denial into public policy Goklany has asserted that the harmful greenhouse gas is actually good for the environment and “may increase plant water efficiency”. It certainly does not take a rocket scientist to pick up the inaccuracies of this. In fact, his misleading scientific jargon has been branded “Goks uncertainty language”, quite fitting for someone who has absolutely no academic background in environmental science.

So, just as Trump declares he has “worked harder than many previous administrations … maybe almost all of them” on matters of the environment, Goklanys misleading statements seem to echo this self-serving political sentiment.  It seems both Trump and Goklany share many characteristics; ill-informed, unqualified for their jobs and flat-out liars.