Check out what went down at the very first Bay Sounds!

On Sunday we held the inaugural Bay Sounds at The Golden Sheaf in Double Bay. Headlined by Philadelphia Grand Jury, the event saw DJs, live bands, and a jazz ensemble come together for a day-long session in the sunshine.

A few heads were looking pretty dusty post-Mardi Gras celebrations on Saturday night, but that wasn’t anything a fine selection of live tunes couldn’t fix. Here’s what went down.

happy mag bay sounds the golden sheaf
Photos: Dani Hansen

Dancing doggos and jazzy mania: here’s what you missed at the first Bay Sounds at The Golden Sheaf.

DJs kicked off from midday with showings from Happy DJs, SCABZ, and DJ Goodboy. Easing the venue into the afternoon, breezy house tunes and disco classics were in full swing.

Next came a set from jazz group Princeton Parker Plays, who delivered an hour of grooves with barely a moment’s breath in between. The perfect desert to a lunchtime well spent.

happy mag bay sounds the golden sheaf vast hill

Hedy Lamarr had heads nodding all over and Vast Hill drenched The Golden Sheaf in their stellar ’80s sheen. Next up were Pyjama Sundayz, who came in at full pace and didn’t let up. The lads’ warm-up stretching routine had a few eyebrows raised but once the twerking started, it all just made sense.

Sunscreen absolutely glowed through their set, delivering sunny guitar tune after sunny guitar tune to a happily swaying audience. Then and there, it was time to make space for local legends Philadelphia Grand Jury.

happy mag bay sounds the golden sheaf pyjama sundayzhappy mag bay sounds the golden sheaf sunscreen

Simon ‘Berkfinger’ Berckelman and MC Bad Genius came out swinging, delivering pitch perfect anthems one after another with their newest band member – the world-famous MPC 1000.

Things then got a little crazy for a while… it’s hard to say exactly what triggered the madness but by the end of their set there was a dog dancing, two punters playing bass and keyboards, and Berkfinger free roaming around the crowd for call-and-response choruses.

happy mag bay sounds the golden sheaf

Bay Sounds will return to The Golden Sheaf on Sunday March 5th with another big lineup in tow. Stay up to date by RSVPing to the Facebook event here.

Special thanks to The Golden Sheaf and Four Pines Brewing Company.

happy mag bay sounds the golden sheaf pyjama sundayz