Hate getting the small slice? Mathematicians have figured out how to slice the perfect pizza using geometry

There’s nothing worse (beside floods, vehicular accidents and genocide) than rocking up to a pizza party and getting stuck with the smallest slice in the box while your mates chow down on the thick, cheesy goodness. Or even the oft experienced ‘big slice guilt’, where you face the pressure of taking the last big slice. Thankfully, math has come to the rescue to rid the world of uneven pizza slices.

Using the power of geometry (that’s the one with the shapes) Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley from the University of Liverpool have a devised a method that will guarantee that slice FOMO is a thing of the past. Using the monohedral technique, the pair were able to cut curved slices with odd numbers, the pizza able to be divided a purported infinite number of times.

pizza geometry

These good Samaritans then put their theory to the test on a real pizza. You know what, I’d eat that.

pizza geometry

First seen on Munchies.