Have your broken hearts at the ready! You can now stream Jeff Buckley’s personal record collection online

This is quite the day for Jeff Buckley fans, as they’ve have been given the opportunity to look into the legendary soul singer’s record collection thanks to a genius new website.

Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley admirers best strap themselves in, because his entire record collection can now be viewed online, and it’s one glorious selection.

Buckley’s mother Mary Guibert, and Sony’s Legacy Recordings have teamed up to bring us Jeff Buckley – The Record Collection, an online portal to his realm of vinyl. Giving us a taste of the tunes that influenced his life.

With everything from Iggy Pop‘s Brick by Brick to Ella Fitzgerald‘s Ella and Louis, and the more predictable Astral Weeks by Van MorrisonBuckley’s truly eclectic taste in music can be experienced, and viewed in all its glory.

Fan’s can even spot an almost complete Genesis collection. This really is the most intimate look into the songbird’s soul.

Fans can listen to 30 seconds of each LP’s tracks by clicking on the vinyl cover, while Spotify subscribers can hear the album, or tracks in their entirety. Alternatively, you can be just like the man himself, go out, and purchase the records.

Because let’s face it, nothing beats the good old fashioned crackle of a needle hitting a record, it’s practically as transcendental as it gets.

Access Jeff Buckley’s Record Collection here.