It’s the kind of music that’s good for the soul… and for pretending you’re sun-baking on a private yacht, when in reality it’s actually a rainy hump day in the office. May I introduce you to the nostalgic magic of Lee Nania, better known as Hawaii94, better known to me as a synth electronic god in the making.

His first EP, Night Vision, has been described as a ‘fruity chillwave’ and rivals that of Australia’s favourite babyfaced popular kid Flume* in the realm of low budget bedroom production.


Hawaii94 is in the lead of electronic bedroom production. His EP Night Vision will take you away from the daily grind and pop you on a Colombian beach.

Inspired by the philosophy of Hendrix and following in the footsteps of Neon Indian and Twin Shadow, Hawaii94 has the perfect combination of ethereal vibes and killer beats. The result? You’re left not quite sure whether to dance your heart out or just to sit, close your eyes and take it all in. Fresh out of Melbourne, Nania is up and coming and was recently added to the vast database that is Triple J Unearthed.

Check out Night Vision on Soundcloud to take part in this spaced out tropical vacation, brought to you by Hawaii94.

*who some of you may or may not have heard of.



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