Pop renaissance: HAZE Ignites a new era of brilliance

From the hallowed grounds of Dunedin, New Zealand, where legendary acts like ‘The Chills’ once roamed, emerges a new era of pop brilliance, spearheaded by the captivating presence of HAZE.

HAZE’s “Looking for Love” has arrived like a glittering comet from the enchanting realm of indie pop cults and Dunedin, New Zealand, leaving no doubt that this rising pop artist is here to shake things up.

With a dancefloor-ready anthem that will have you raising your hands and surrendering to the whims of love, HAZE proves he’s a force to be reckoned with.


This debut single is a powerful concoction of pop, soul, and ballads, expertly blended by HAZE to create a sound that bewitches and beguiles. Drawing inspiration from his own personal journey, “Looking for Love” serves up a slice of self-discovery and acceptance that strikes a chord deep within.

From the moment the beats kick in, you’re transported into HAZE’s world of pulsating rhythms and irresistible melodies. The track takes you on a relatable voyage, as HAZE embarks on his quest for love, a pursuit that feels both universal and intimately personal.

The melancholic undertones may tug at your heartstrings, but it’s HAZE’s soulful vocals and the infectious flow of the music that keep you willingly hooked until the very last beat drops.

But hold on tight, because “Looking for Love” is not just a musical delight—it’s a visual feast as well! The accompanying music video is a stunning masterpiece that perfectly complements the emotional depth of the song.

The seamless blend of dance sequences and visual storytelling captures the essence of HAZE’s journey, adding an extra layer of nuance and meaning to the already captivating track. It’s an artful display that showcases HAZE’s commitment to his craft and his ability to create an immersive sensory experience.

Behind the scenes, the masterminds responsible for crafting this sonic gem are none other than producers James Angus and Magnus Murphy, plus a co-writing credit from multi-platinum songwriter Brook Toia.


Their collaboration with HAZE has birthed a rich and authentic musical landscape that serves as a canvas for his talent to shine through. With their combined expertise and HAZE’s undeniable potential, “Looking for Love” stands as a testament to the artistry and promise that lies ahead.

Every note and lyric in “Looking for Love” resonates with HAZE’s genuine passion for music. This debut single is not merely a stepping stone; it’s a declaration of love for the craft and a steadfast commitment to emotional transparency.

Through his involvement in the esteemed TikTok show UNDSCVRD Presented By Samsung, HAZE – has garnered invaluable exposure and made industry connections, solidifying his place in the spotlight and paving the way for an extraordinary future.

As HAZE gazes upon the horizon, his unwavering dedication to authenticity and self-discovery shines through. With an earnest desire to connect with his audience, HAZE is poised to leave an indelible mark on the pop music scene.

Get ready, Melbourne! HAZE is making their way from Brisbane to captivate your city. Brace yourself for the ascent of this radiant star, whose talent, passion, and unwavering commitment are set to deliver a remarkable journey filled with heartfelt melodies and genuine storytelling.

“Looking for Love” is just the tip of the iceberg for HAZE. Prepare to be swept away by his music and embark on a captivating journey alongside him. This is an artist who is destined to captivate and conquer, one electrifying beat at a time.