As heart-warming as it is heart-wrenching, Optimistic is the new single from Lontalius

“I’m ambitious and I’m optimistic, but I’m not pretty and I’m not realistic.”

Optimistic, the new single from Lontalius, is as heart-warming as it is heart-wrenching. It explores youth, the fear and excitement that comes with trying to make your mark on the world, and the desire to be loved.

It’s a song that envelops you in its intimacy from the start, and doesn’t let go until you’ve run though its every moment and you’re left with a sense of catharsis, hope, and optimism.

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Optimistic is the gorgeous new track from Lontalius exploring of the anxieties that come with youth and the desire to make your mark on the world.

Lontalius, the nom de plume of Wellington songwriter Brian Johnston, collaborated with Grammy award-winning producer Om’Mas (Jay-Z, Erykah Badu) to create this wonderfully minimalistic track.

Optimistic opens with subdued, barely audible drums and production that immediately pull you into their intimate atmosphere. Then Johnston’s vocals come in, crystal clear and naked, with a verse that’ll have you paying attention to absolutely everything he says.

The song develops gradually, unfolding like a blossoming flower, as one layer of sound gets added on top of the other and creates a sonic richness that underlines lyrics exploring the “anxiety over youth, love and the beginnings of a career.”

“When you put yourself out in the world, you’re desperate for some kind of response.”

Johnston says Optimistic was one of the first songs that him and Om’Mas started working on together, initially beginning its life as “this droney/ambient thing, never shorter than six minutes,” according to this Under the Radar article.

In all, we’re optimistic that Lontalius is on the path to a bright future and we can’t wait to hear what he gives us next.


Optimistic is available now.