Help keep 3RRR alive! Their 2018 Radiothon has begun

3RRR is an incredible, non-profit, independent Melbourne radio station that have been operating for over forty years. They’ve consistently provided an alternative to commercial media, and given a voice to people who otherwise would not have been given one … and now it’s your turn to give back.

The station have just opened their 2018 Radiothon; the key to ensuring this incredible station stays alive for another year.

Stay curious, keep the experiment alive! 3RRR have launched their 2018 Radiothon, and they need your help to keep the station alive for another year.

Held together by the goodwill, hard work, passion and dedication of 800 volunteers and staff, 3RRR relies on the generosity of subscribers, donors and sponsors to keep the station alive.

Subscribers pay an annual fee that helps fund the station, and they become a part of one of Australia’s greatest music communities.

Now, as part of Radiothon, anyone who subscribes by 26 September 2018 will go in the running to win some pretty awesome prizes. Check out the full list of prizes here.

So, if you want to support one of the country’s best community radio stations, donate now. Become a supporter of 3RRR and become a genuine part of the station’s community.

More info here.