Let’s pour some love on Triple R, NITH’s official partner

Who better to share the love with during our annual NITH competition than 3RRR, Melbournes longest running community radio station.

Triple R has long been a champion for local & independent artists, who have long shone a spotlight on emerging talent in the Aus music scene. (kinda like our NITH comp)

Time to turn that spotlight around, and show them a little appreciation by donating to their annual subscription drive.

wet leg

Until October 4th, you can give back the love, because it’s not just a subscription drive; it’s a grand celebration of the vibrant community they have nurtured over the years. And what better way to support local music than by supporting the one station that gives the most.

For close to fifty years, Triple R has been a star on the airwaves providing a platform for unheard music and groundbreaking ideas.

This year’s theme, ‘It’s Educational’, harks back to their roots at RMIT. It’s a daily reminder that they are here to educate, to stimulate minds, and to ignite discussions that matter.

Times are tough, no doubt. From the pandemic to rental rises, we understand the challenges many face. While sponsorship revenues have recovered, operational costs have surged. Your subscriptions and donations this year are our lifeline, ensuring Triple R remains a haven for genuine, intelligent programming.

There is a trove of perks if you do! From exclusive access to live gigs and intimate conversations in the Triple R Performance Space, to subscriber-only film screenings and discounts at local joints, the benefits are boundless. Plus, chances to snag giveaways, access our audio archives, promote your events, and receive our magazine at your doorstep thrice a year.

So, dive in! Subscribe here, and be part of the Triple R community. Together, we’ll keep the airwaves alive and kicking for another extraordinary year. Don’t miss out!