Hemlocke Springs shares new single ‘HEAVUN’

Hemlock Springs brings a new taste of 80’s pop and grating electro new wave to bring forth the mesmerizing new alt-pop single ‘Heavun.’

Hemlocke Springs, the 24-year-old breakout artist from North Carolina, has just released her captivating new single ‘Heavun.’ Following the success of her previous hits, ‘Sever the Blight,’ ‘Stranger Danger!,’ and ‘Girlfriend,’ Hemlocke Springs has solidified her position as one of alt-pop‘s most innovative talents.

While ‘Heavun’ may initially be mistaken for a love song, Hemlocke Springs takes a surprising twist, exploring the psychology of greed. The track delves into the protagonist’s desire for boundless wealth, challenging conventional notions of happiness and inviting listeners to question their own aspirations.

Hemlocke Springs, also known as Isimeme ‘Naomi’ Udu, draws inspiration from her Nigerian-American upbringing in North Carolina. Her childhood was filled with a diverse range of musical influences, from contemporary American gospel to Nigerian folk and mainstream rap. Her unique perspective and thought-provoking lyrics set her apart from the mainstream pop landscape.

Despite recently completing a master’s degree in medical informatics, Hemlocke Springs finds herself on the brink of a major music career. Her infectious and unconventional pop songs have garnered millions of streams and caught the attention of industry heavyweights, earning her critical acclaim and endorsements from respected artists.

hemlock springs

Hemlocke Springs’s journey to success began on TikTok, where she initially joined out of curiosity. Her breakthrough moment came with the unexpected popularity of her track ‘Gimme All Ur Love.’ Since then, she has continued to push boundaries with releases like ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Stranger Danger!,’ showcasing her versatility as an artist.

With her music, Hemlocke Springs brings together accessibility and intricate melodies, creating a captivating listening experience. Her genuine and open personality resonates with fans, making her relatable and endearing.

As she embarks on her highly anticipated debut project, Hemlocke Springs’s unique blend of influences, thought-provoking lyrics, and magnetic presence promise to captivate audiences and solidify her place as one of the most exciting artists of 2023.

In a music landscape often dominated by predictability, Hemlocke Springs stands out as an artist unafraid to challenge norms and explore new sonic territories. With ‘Heavun’ as her latest offering, listeners can expect a captivating and thought-provoking musical journey.