Listen to 42 hours worth of sci-fi ambience from Blade Runner, Doctor Who and more

Good news for people who have a spare 42 hours up their sleeve! You can now listen to almost two whole days worth of dystopian sci-fi ambient music thanks to the online composer who goes by the pseudonym Cheesy Nirvosa.

Back in 2009, Nirvosa began to play around with ambient and experimental music, eventually coming up with enough content to start a YouTube channel dedicated to their self-described “long-form space and sci-fi ambience”.

In one of the videos, listeners are treated to twelve hours of droney ambient sounds from Deckard’s apartment from the original Blade Runner. 

If Blade Runner isn’t quite your thing, you can enjoy another twenty-four hours of clean looped engine sounds from Star Trek: The Next Generation. If you’re pressed for time, a condensed one-hour version is available. Alternatively, twelve hours of ambient noise from the USCSS Nostromo of the Alien franchise might be your jam.

Or, if you’re a Doctor Who fan like me, you can be treated to twelve hours of eerily ambient sounds from the Tardis, the police box moonlighting as a time machine that made the show famous.

All the clips have a distinctly dystopian feel. Maybe this is what the end of the world sounds like?

Via Dangerous Minds.